What Should You Bring to A Wedding Fair?

One of the essential parts of wedding planning is attending a wedding fair. Why? Not only is it a chance to see all types of wedding vendors under one roof, it’s also a chance for you to get lots of discounts! But, like any event you’ll be attending, you have to come prepared. Read on for a list of things that’ll help make your wedding fair experience that much better!

What Should You Bring to A Wedding Fair?


Before you go to a bridal fair, research on the suppliers that will be there. Make a supplier list (if you don’t already have one!), and take note of the ones you already have, and the ones that you still need. Is there a certain supplier you’re eying, or are you still keeping your options open? Having a supplier list will help keep you on track!



No, you don’t have to bring your whole mood board, but keeping your Pinterest boards open and ready for viewing will be handy. Think of everything from the bridal party’s attire to your table centerpieces and flowers. Some suppliers will ask you for pegs, so it’s best to come prepared!


Cash or Checkbook

More often than not, suppliers will offer major discounts during bridal fairs. And since bridal fairs are usually one to two day affairs, those discounts will only be available for a limited time. Booking your suppliers in a bridal fair will mean that you can avail of these discounts, but it also means making a downpayment in yep, cash or check! If you don’t want to carry too much cash, just make sure there’s a nearby ATM or bank you can easily withdraw from.



Stay organized and on top of everything by taking notes on a notebook. You can list down suppliers you’re thinking of booking, their contact details, discounts, and more. While suppliers will most likely give out brochures and flyers, it’s easy to lose sight of the ones you like amidst the whole pile you’ll probably receive. Trust us, a notebook, or even a small pad will be a godsend!



If you’re bringing a notebook, of course you have to bring a pen (or two, or three)! This will also come in handy when suppliers ask you to fill out information sheets, and sign contracts.



Most bridal fairs take place in convention centers or big air conditioned spaces. Avoid the chill by bringing a jacket, sweater, cardigan, or scarf. The last thing you want to do is have to leave early because you can’t stand the cold.


Comfy Shoes

A bridal fair is a marathon, not a sprint. You’ll be traversing through aisles and aisles of wedding suppliers, pausing to talk to them, walking around some more–you get the picture! So making sure your feet are comfy is an absolute must!



Sometimes you can spend hours in a bridal fair, looking around and talking to suppliers. Make sure to keep hydrated by bringing a bottle or jug of water with you. You can also research the location beforehand to make sure that there will be vendors selling food and drinks. If not, it’s best to pack some with you.


Power Bank

Your phone will probably be in your hand the whole time as you take photos, call your groom or maid of honor for his or her advice, look at pegs, use your calculator, take notes, etc. The last thing you want is a dead phone on your person. So if you don’t have a power bank yet, now might be the time to invest in one.

P.S. – Packing a charger isn’t enough because there are rarely any sockets to plug your phone in.



I don’t mean your handbag, but another cloth bag where you can put all the brochures and flyers suppliers will be giving you. This will come in handy when your hands get tired of holding the pile of papers and calling cards you’ll be getting. Using a bag can also help prevent some brochures from getting lost, crumpled, or wet. Just stuff a reusable shopping bag into your handbag and pull it out when you need it.


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