4 Dining Styles You Can Consider for Your Big Day

Aside from remembering how much they teared when they saw you walk down the aisle, one detail that your guests will surely not forget is their dining experience during your wedding day. Today, we’ll tell you about your different options when it comes to choosing which dining style will be perfect for your event. You can stick with some of the well known ones or you can mix the styles up to fit the reception vibe you’re going for. Consider what will work best for your guests’ profile, too. Read on and let us know what works for you!



Buffet-style dining is a common option in Philippine weddings because of its cost-efficiency and flexibility. The long table setup filled with a wide variety of entrees gives your guests the freedom to choose what they want to eat, and at the same time, the food servers are able to budget the food portioning to make sure there is enough for everyone. With this type of dining style, your guests get to move around and mingle with each other while waiting for their turn to go to the buffet table, creating a less formal and stiff atmosphere.


Multi-Course Plated Service

If you’re going for a formal celebration, a plated course is the best option for you. Though this style will require more servers (which may mean added cost), your guests will surely appreciate the comfort and convenience you will provide them to elevate their dining experience. A basic multi-course meal usually includes three courses: appetizer, entree, and dessert, but you can increase it depending on your preference. Plated service also minimizes your guests’ movements during your reception, allowing them to be more attentive to the whole reception program.


Family Style

Do you want to recreate your traditional Sunday dining experience at home where all your food options are placed in the middle of the table and you get to nicely ask someone to pass you an entree? If you want this warm dining experience for your guests, then the family-style dining option may be right for you. It’s a combination of a sit-down and buffet style where a large portion of the entrees are all placed at the center and guests can help themselves to as much food as they want while being comfortably seated.


Cocktail Style

If you are managing a small space and still prefer to invite more guests, consider a cocktail style reception. Instead of big dining tables that usually sit 8-10 people, you can setup small cocktail tables instead and serve an average of 12 hors d’oeuvres or bite-sized food per person all night long. This is a good choice if you’re going for a more casual atmosphere, and if you want your guests to really mingle and walk (or even dance) around. If you opt for this style though, make sure to indicate it in your invites to let your guests know what to expect since you won’t be serving a full heavy meal.


No matter what style you choose, make sure to factor all the elements in before making your decision. Are your guests mostly young people or would most require a comfortable seating plan? What time of the day will your reception be? How many guests do you have? How big is your space? Mix and match elements and go with what you envision will work well for your wedding day. Happy planning!


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