9 Artistic and Locally Designed Christmas Gifts You Can Give Your In-Laws

December is here, and if you haven’t gotten started on your Christmas shopping yet, it’s time to get a move on! For today’s gift guide, I wanted to tackle what to give your (future) in-laws. I don’t know about you, but shopping for parents can be pretty tricky. Lucky for you, I’ve got a list of ideas that all have the same theme: the celebration of Filipino artistry and culture through home accessories. Some of these brands even contribute to local causes too! Excited to see the list yet? Keep on scrolling!

9 Artistic and Locally Designed Christmas Gifts You Can Give Your In-Laws


Hand-painted Hand Towel and Tray from Art of Gold

Just look at these masterpieces! The detail in the paintings, depicting Filipino culture is amazing! I’m sure your future in-laws would love to stock their guest rooms and bathrooms with these hand-painted hand towels, and the tray would be a nice addition to their kitchen.


Napkin Set from Beyond Borders

These hand-woven napkins were actually woven using antique wooden looms! The neutral color scheme also makes it easy to use, and mix and match in varying table settings. So if your in-laws love hosting parties (or even lunches, brunches, or family dinners), then this might be a godsend!


Rock Vases from Cornerstone Pottery Farm

These rock vases will be sleek and modern accents in your future in-laws’ home. They’re definitely not your typical glass vases, but they’re a unique find that your in-laws with a taste for stylish design will surely love!


Sinag Basket from C&C

This will be the perfect gift for your in-laws who keep a lot of plants around the house. They come in different sizes, and the design is easy to match with different kinds of interiors. Another thing you can opt to do is place a plant inside already and give both plant and basket as a gift!


Wicker Plate Chargers from Domesticity

There’s something about wicker that’s just so rustic. It’s a single solid color and texture, but it can really elevate your in-laws’ tablescape. It’s definitely makes for a classy and elegant gift your in-laws will appreciate.


Sopa from Halo Halo


Banig designs are becoming the trend these days, so grab a comfy sopa (and maybe a few banigs) and gift these items to your future in laws. Imagine how much fun they’ll have deciding where to best use and place them!


Plates from Sustainably Made

We mentioned chargers earlier, now let’s talk about plates! These elegant looking wooden plates are made from sustainably-farmed Gemilina wood, and can be used as serving plates and much more!


Throw Pillows from The Olive Tree Corporation

If your in-laws are fans of art, Filipino culture, and paintings, then look no more because these throw pillows have got all three of those things in spades! This brand consistently uses Filipino themes as inspiration for their designs, and their brightness and color will definitely bring any living room to life!


Personalized Gift Wrapping Paper from Whisk Designs

If you can get in on your shopping early enough, then personalized gift wrapper might just be the thoughtful present your in-laws have been waiting for. They have different designs and colors, but since Christmas is approaching real fast, you gotta order them ASAP!


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