These Married Couples Share Their Secrets to A Happy Marriage

At some point during the wedding planning, you might find yourself reflecting and wondering what married life is actually like. And if you’re feeling a little bit jittery and unsure about handling the ups and downs from the moment after you say, “I do,” don’t worry, it’s perfectly fine. But to help soothe some of your worries, we asked and compiled a few very real life lessons from these married couples who have been through it themselves. Some are funny, practical, and downright honest, and we hope that you remember them as you go through your own journey too.

Tips for a Happy Marriage from Married People

"Never put the word "but" after a "sorry". It cancels out the apology" -Dinah Gabriel, 7 years “Start and end the day with a kiss and an “I love you” (even if it’s hard) - Carla Garcia, 3 months “Squeezing the middle of the toothpaste tube is not proportionate to breaking a promise. So if it’s not major, stay away from picking a fight. You’ll just tire each other out.” - Dinah Gabriel, 7 years “When things are going wrong, think about the first time you fell in love.” - Mylene Sardinia, 7 years “It should always be “you and me against the world”. It’s not just your problem, it’s ours.” -Toh Relova, 17 years “Decide to love each other’s family, in-laws included” - Gina Serrano, 24 years “Take care of yourself. It’s still a must to wow your spouse physically. Dress up, put on makeup, fix your hair, keep the attraction alive!” - Gelo and Tin Taton, 6 months “When you’re wrong, apologise. When you’re right, shut up.” - Dianne Nazareno, 9 years “Laugh it out! A sense of humor makes a great marriage.” - Jeff and Rowena Dickson, 17 years “Continue taking your wife on dates —movie, dinner, trips—alone time as a couple is important especially when you have kids already.” - Adrian Olizon, 12 years “Do not make major decisions, especially spending on big ticket items, without being in total agreement. Do this so whatever the outcome is, there won’t be any blame game.” - James Tan, 27 years “On marriage and kids, “Marriage first.”” - Pam Begre, 7 years

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