5 Fun Summer Date Ideas for You and Your Partner

Hey, ladies! I hope you’re all doing great. Now, let’s talk summer. Do you guys like it? I love it! Because summer means beach parties, cool treats, and fun activities! And speaking of activities, I just found some cool and exciting summer date ideas that you can enjoy with your significant other. Check them out so you can start planning your weekends!


1. Summer Food Fair

I’m a huge foodie which makes me believe that the best way to beat the heat is by grabbing some tasty bites from the nearest summer food fair!


2. Local Farm Tour

This farm is just a 2 hour drive from Metro Manila, and you can enjoy the sights of Laguna and a refreshing tour of nature!


3. Fun Run For a Cause

The couple who runs together, stays together! And what’s better than joining a summer fun run to kickstart healthy practices with your partner?


4. Music Festival

Music brings people together! I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss another reason to be hit the streets and listen to good music with your special someone at a music festival!


5. Celebrations Fair

If those are wedding bells that I’m hearing, then I have a couple of good reasons why you should go to this celebrations fair!


There you have it! Have a fun summer everyone!


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