8 Practical Ways to Save for Your Honeymoon

Ahhh, the honeymoon, the perfect way to unwind after months and months of busy preparation for the wedding. Now that it’s all done, it’s finally time for you and your now-husband to relax and enjoy each other’s company–just the two of you. What a delight! I’m sure you’re very much looking forward to that honeymoon vacay with the love of your life, but don’t forget about the costs! No need to fret though, we’ve got you covered with these simple and practical ways you can save for your dream honeymoon getaway!


1. Choose the right locale

By “right” I mean: an off-season locale! Not only can you save on expenses, you’ll be avoiding large crowds as well. You can also opt for a destination close to home to cut back on airfare costs.


2. Plan early

Once you’ve decided on a place you and your partner both love, book flights, and reserve hotel(s) ASAP! Take advantage of all those promo and early bird fares. Don’t leave this out until after the wedding.


3. Set up a honeymoon savings account

A bank account for the honeymoon–and for the honeymoon alone. Read: Do not touch it. As early as now, set aside a certain amount of money from your earnings and add them to your “Honeymoon Fund”.


4. Start a honeymoon registry

A wedding registry’s great, so why not do the same for your honeymoon? List down the things that are to be included in your honeymoon plan. Then you can have guests help pay for that honeymoon vacation in lieu of giving you traditional wedding gifts.


5. Miles and points

Airlines and banks have been teaming up to make it easier for people to fly. If you travel and/or spend, you can accumulate points which can be converted to cash for some airline tickets. Be aware of how many miles or points both of you have, and see if you can use it for your honeymoon.


6. Prepare your own meals

Skip the restaurants. Instead, start cooking your own meals and make bringing packed lunches a habit. Believe me, you can save big. And besides saving, you’re allowing yourself to watch out on portions, and eat healthier too!


7. Skip the shopping–for now

Say no to the temptation. Just think about that dream honeymoon in all its glory. What’s a few days of no shopping compared to the dream honeymoon vacation with the man of your dreams? Set your priorities straight, ladies.


8. Sell your things

Sell your old clothes and all the other things lying around the house that you no longer use. Sell pre-loved items online, and you’ll be surprised as to how much you can get out of that.


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