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We all know that weddings can get quite over budget. It’s no lie either that quarreling over wedding costs is very, very common amongst couples. Some time ago, we asked our readers to comment on the best budget tips they pulled off at their wedding, and we’re sharing them with all of you today! Read on darlings, because you’ll never know how much you could actually save from some of your fellow brides’ two cents’ worth!

@gyessagyozza: “Set your budget and stick to it ? ”

@fantasia_bridal: “Buy a discontinued gown from a small business. Not only will you save a bundle, it will be [like a] one of a kind.”


@giannina.ocampo: “Do not be afraid to crowd source via social media–your FB page. You’ll be surprised how your friends have so many connections and are more than willing to help you cut costs on your wedding day. Also, a lot of them are wondering what to get you as a gift. If they can help, they’ll give you their service as a gift and you can scrap that off your budget list as it’s free!”

@misskimpe: “I had a Monday weekday wedding. That enough cut my guest list by 25%. Hehe!”

@nnaattaalliiee430: “My aunt made my wedding dress, we bought only three types of alcohol (champagne, wine, and whisky), I ordered flowers online and my family and friends helped make floral arrangements, a friend who could play the guitar and sing serenaded us at dinner for free, no DJ–just an iPod.”


@baktinoink: “Tap performers for the reception from family and friends.”

Raina Gamboa: “Book early to get current year’s rates as supplier rates usually increase yearly.”

We really hope you picked up a thing or two from your fellow brides! Here’s a little something from us: it’s all about balance. Getting your friends and family instead of professionals doesn’t ensure quality output but will definitely be easier on the pocket. But hey, it isn’t really about how much you spend on your big day but rather the love that you and your partner share with each other!

Stay tuned for more #bnbweddingchat posts on our Instagram page. We’d love to hear from you! And also, if you have any more budget tips you’d like to share, please, oh please put them in the comments section below! Ta ta for now!

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