8 Things You Can Do for Your Partner That Can Counter Wedding Planning Stress

Grooms-to-be, this article is actually for you! If you didn’t already know, wedding planning is (besides lots of fun) stressful too. Finalizing the wedding budget, fixing the guest list, even creating the mood board is hard work. And whether you’re taking on an active role in the wedding planning or not, we’re giving you the opportunity to win the Fiancé of the Year award. We’ve put together a list of nice things you can do for your stressed out fiancée. Take it from us, these acts will go a long way!


1. Take her out to brunch on a weekend

Ladies love brunching. This will be a good way to just de-stress and have a yummy meal. Most weekends would compose of supplier meetings, so set aside a time to pause and have some pancakes. Date brunch is the new date night!


2. Book her a manicure at her favorite nail spa

Do I really need to explain further? Let’s just say we draw our powers from our favorite nail polish.


3. Surprise her with a bouquet of flowers for no reason at all

This one has been working since the olden times. You can also interchange this with a basket of her favorite desserts. Sure win.


4. Watch her favorite show with her

Hello, Netflix! Sometimes, it’s hard to shut down the planning brain. But allowing the distraction is a good way to let her mind focus on something else. She’ll love it that she still gets to do it with you by her side. (Time to catch up on the Stranger Things series!)


5. Bring her a good cup of coffee

It’s simple but it’s sweet. A boost of energy and alertness will help her get through her wedding planning day.


6. Go to a home store or home section, and dream about your married life

Try not to be purely consumed with the wedding. How nice would it be to actually talk about what kind of home you would like after you do tie the knot? It also helps remind you that the wedding is just the beginning of your journey together.


7. Go on a spontaneous vacation out of town

Sometimes all she would need is a change in scenery. Getting away from all the wedding planning will give both of you some space to breathe and slow down.


8. Just lend a listening ear

Lastly, more than anything, she needs to know that you are in this together. Let her vent, cry, or get frustrated. But then, assure her that your wedding will be perfect no matter what. No matter the challenges, the most important thing is you are both saying “I do”. Solutions to problems are good, but sometimes a hug and an encouraging word are all she needs.


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