10 Wedding Cake Alternatives That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Hello fellow sweet tooths! If you like surfing Facebook for the latest jaw-dropping dessert videos or browsing Pinterest for some I-want-that dessert masterpieces, then boy, have we got a treat for you! Now we’ve talked a lot about wedding cakes in the past (who wouldn’t, right?)–marbled wedding cakes, artisanal wedding cakes, drool-worthy wedding cakes, and hand-painted wedding cakes. So we decided to change things up a bit and give you some wedding cake alternatives. (But hey, if you want cake AND any one of these other options, by all means, go ahead!) Just looking at all these photos has got us craving for these awesome dessert ideas! Trust us, you’ll definitely get your sweet fix with these!

10 Wedding Cake Alternatives That Will Make Your Mouth Water


1. Cheese (cake) tower

Wedding Cake Alternatives Cheese (Cake) Tower
Morgan Rana Photography

Nu-uh, this cake isn’t your typical blueberry cheesecake, it’s actually made of cheese wheels stacked on top of each other! How cool is that? Make sure your guests have access to crackers, bread, and grapes, and they’ll be talking about this “cheesecake” for years!


2. Chocolate fondue fountain

Wedding Cake Alternatives Chocolate Fondue Fountain
Misty Miotto

There’s nothing better than the sight of melted chocolate rippling down in waves. Your guests will surely have fun making their own kebabs and lathering them in sumptuous chocolate.


3. Crêpe stack

Wedding Cake Alternatives Crêpe Stack
Eric Kelley Photography

If you’re not one for cake, then you’ve got to try this crepe stack! You can even put your favorite jam or spread in between. If you want to make your crepes thicker, why not try a pancake stack too?


4. Pie

Wedding Cake Alternatives Pie
The Edit Tin

Yep, that’s right, pie. You can have either a savory pie or a sweet pie. Or you can have a savory pie at the bottom and a sweet pie on top–best of both worlds!


5. Macaron tower

Wedding Cake Alternatives Macaron Tower
Anchor & Veil Photography

These are always things of beauty. Plus, you don’t have to cut into it! Just have your guests choose the color and flavor they want.


6. Croquembouche

Wedding Cake Alternatives Croquembouche
Sublime Cakes

Say what now? Basically, it’s a tower of cream puffs. Cream. Puffs. ‘Nuff said.


7. Truffle cake

Wedding Cake Alternatives Truffle Cake
Krista Fox Photography

This one’s for the ultimate chocolate lover. Satisfy your chocolate cravings with this rich and unique cake.


8. Waffle stack

Wedding Cake Alternatives Waffle Stack
Becca Rillo Photography

The crêpes made their debut a few numbers above, now it’s the waffles’ turn. You can opt to put some frosting on your waffle stack, or you can go old school with a nice generous pouring of maple syrup. Yum!


9. Rice Krispie cake

Wedding Cake Alternatives Rice Krispie Cake
Dreams & Tales Fine Art

This cake is reminiscent of our childhood days. Sticky, crunchy, and sweet, the kid in you will definitely love this! Are you drooling yet? We are!


10. Donut tower

Wedding Cake Alternatives Donut Tower
Dove Wedding Photography

This is quick and easy to make. You can just buy donuts from your favorite donut store, stack ’em up, add a few decorations, and voila, you’ve got yourself one memorable wedding cake!


You craving for any of these masterpieces yet? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’re probably going to go on a donut run right now. See ya!


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