7 Light and Quick Foods You Can Munch On Throughout Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day will not only be one of the dreamiest, most romantic days of your life, but it will also be very nerve-wracking and busy! A lot of preparations will be happening that day, and you might just be so excited that you’ll end up forgetting about your appetite. While this is understandable with everything going on, we here at Bride and Breakfast want to look out for you. Not eating will take a toll on you later in the day, so don’t forget to take note of the following foods you can definitely munch on to stay full and sane.

Foods You Can Eat Throughout Your Wedding Day


1. Oatmeal

Have oats for breakfast, whether the traditional way or the refrigerated overnight way! Oatmeal is really filling, and you can add a lot of things to it, like bananas, berries, honey, and other syrups. This will give you lots of energy to power through the day and start right. They do say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day!


2. Trail mix

You can’t go wrong with this power snack. Trail mix is great for mindless munching and for restoring energy. It’s small, it won’t stain, and it’s tasty. Buy a prepackaged one or personalize one to your taste.


3. Fresh fruit

Craving for something sweet but can’t snack on chocolates? Go for nature’s candy: fruits! Oranges, bananas, pineapples, and whatever suits your taste. They’re healthy and sweet–perfect for dessert without getting gunk stuck to your teeth!


4. Salad

A salad is also another great way to eat light without feeling bloated afterward. You can add fish, chicken, or go light and just add dressing, depending on how you like your salad. Bonus points on eating healthy too!


5. Granola bars

Much like trail mix, granola bars are ready for on-the-go munching. Most granola bars are filling and are very flavorful, and they can also curb hunger pangs. Consider packing a couple of bars in your bag if you keep moving around.


6. Egg sandwich

A simple egg sandwich can give you a good dose of protein and carbs. It’s very easy to make, and also packable to munch for when you’re on the go. Add dressing if you feel like it or veggies as well, and this simple-to-make snack can instantly be more filling.


7. Water

Water isn’t a snack, but you do need to hydrate! Never forget about this. Just take light sips throughout the course of the day and whenever you can. You wouldn’t want a dry and parched throat while saying your vows! Drinking water also helps you feel fuller a bit longer since you won’t get to eat during the whole ceremony.


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