8 Things Couples Should Discuss Before Tying the Knot

Being in a relationship really involves a lot of getting to know another person. It’s not just about love and companionship, but definitely about growth and compromise as well. This is really where the beauty of being in a relationship lies–in this world full of different people, you’ve managed to match with one person whom you can be totally yourself with. And while love conquers all, there are still a few key points you and your partner should align with for a smooth sailing future. Today, we’re sharing the things you should discuss with your husband-to-be before tying the knot.

In the Philippines, this is quite important. What is your faith? Do you and your partner have the same beliefs, and if not, are you okay with that? Many religions have different practices, traditions, and beliefs. It’s best to keep an open mind and always hear your partner out.


It’s really important to be transparent and strategic with your partner about what you earn, spend, save, and invest in. What are your financial goals? What kind of lifestyle do both of you want to have? Money is critical in ensuring a worry-free future, not only for yourselves but for the kids you may plan to have. This is also why budgeting for your wedding is good practice! And aside from coming up with an action plan for the immediate future, it’s best to invest in great health insurances like SunLife’s SUN Fit and Well Advantage to give you peace of mind in your later years as a couple. Familiarize yourself with the benefits of insurance and investment by talking to a financial advisor. It never hurts to ask!


Whether or not you decide to have kids, you should definitely be on the same page regarding this topic. Do you have a timeline in mind? What about a specific number? Are you open to adopting? What will your parenting style be? While this might sound like it’s too way ahead in the future, it’s never a bad idea to discuss this when it comes up in a conversation! You can even throw in the names you want for fun!


What ticks you off? You may love your man with all your heart, but there’s just this one teeny tiny thing he keeps on doing that really gets on your nerves… and that’s totally normal! The best way to handle it is to communicate your concerns. Only after talking about it will you be able to arrive at a solution together. It’s going to be a work in progress, but sharing your pet peeves with each other is the first step!


Besides having #relationshipgoals, you and your partner also need to talk about your career, family, travel, and life goals. This might sound like a job interview question, but it can really help determine if you’re both on the same lane. If traveling is important to you, but not to him, or if he wants to move to a different country for his career, you should be able to handle these kinds of situations.


Why, of course! This goes without saying, that this is very vital info. This is probably the first thing you get to know about your partner–his favorite color, ice cream flavor, TV show, songs, and the like. Knowing your partner’s favorites (and actually taking note of them!) can be a way to show him that you appreciate, care, and pay attention to him.


Sharing your vulnerabilities requires a lot of courage and trust, but it’s also very comforting. Your partner is one of the best people to help you grow and overcome those fears, and this is great for emotional and mental stability. Fears don’t only pertain to heights, bugs, and the dark, but also more deeply-rooted ones that can cause anxiety–like an event that happened in the past that can trigger unwanted feelings.


How do you absorb the events happening around you? Do you have extremely opposite views about political issues and current events? How do both of you regard married life? Overall, your personal views don’t exactly have to match, but having a common ground is ideal. This way, you can avoid fights and you develop a sense of respect towards your partner.


Now, remember: You don’t have to go through all of this in one sitting! Be open and sincere. Take it easy. These things are important, but arriving at a compromise is never impossible once you hear each other out.


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