Bride and Breakfast Goes to Amanpulo

Bride and Breakfast has always been a source of inspiration for brides-to-be. Over the years, we’ve found purpose in finding the newest ideas, and the best places, people, food, and details for our brides to get inspiration from for their big day.

Enter, Amanpulo.

When we were invited to Amanpulo, we were ecstatic to visit one of the most known beaches in Palawan. We were on a mission to find out what secrets the island held, and why it was one of the country’s known gems.

Never been? Well, let us show you what this beautiful island is all about.




Would you take a look at how Instagram-worthy this place is?! Trust us when we say, there’s #nofilter needed. The waters are clearer than you can imagine, revealing the powder-white sand beneath it and the fish swimming by the shore. After ten minutes on the island, our camera rolls were filled with every possible angle we could take of the clear water. And when you have a location this pretty, you MUST take advantage! Thanks to our CEO/Editor-in-Chief’s IG husband, Ian Simpao, for keeping up with us–we literally wanted photos in every corner.




And this is how it went down.




We headed to our first sunset meeting at the Lagoon Club Beachfront. The sky was pretty much all shades of pastel, reflecting on the clear water, and bringing out bursts of baby pinks, blues, yellows, and purples. It felt like we were standing in an Andy Warhol painting! This was the setting of our first meal, where we devoured the freshest oysters, sipped on some cocktails, and later on stuffed ourselves with an exquisite menu. We’re currently still craving for the oysters and lamb!





The casitas we stayed in did not disappoint. If you could wake up to a treetop view by your bedside, and come back to a tidy room 24/7, with a special treat waiting for you every time you got back, would you complain? The beds are the softest things–and perfect to relax on after a long day at the beach. And the bathroom (the glorious, most spacious bathroom!) is a dream come true.


We toured the island and found the most divine spots. The Kawayan Bar was this beautiful secluded floating bar where you could lounge around (they have day beds here!) and spend happy hour.

We can’t even begin to explain how beautiful it was being on it. You have a 360-degree view of the clear ocean water. And with a cocktail in hand(?!), what more can you ask for!



The Southern Tip had a beauty of its own. Here, the island is your canvas, and you can transform this area into anything you want! (The sunset was also beyond amazing!)

You can reach the area via a golf cart, but for this, they took us via boat so we could get a nice view of the sunset.

Trust us when we say that this island is full of surprises–it is magnificence in its most natural form. From its pristine beach, to the marine life underwater, everything is just unbelievably gorgeous.










One of our biggest struggles during the trip: Trying not to stuff ourselves too much so we didn’t feel like whales in our swimsuits after devouring the super delicious food. Although, that Salpicao pizza was a sure winner!





What truly made the experience in Amanpulo memorable? Everything the island had to offer was beyond expectation, but what tugged at our hearts the most was the hospitality and culture of the people on the island. In Amanpulo, you’re surrounded by happy people, people who love what they do and who love their island. In a place where heartwarming thanks and praise are given to the people, you can only expect the outpour of love to reflect in their work. Everything was spot on–from the time of the flight and the airport pick-up, to the help and guidance they gave throughout our stay, and the little details, like having a dry towel ready or a replenished bottle of water in our golf cart. They thought of everything–it was overwhelming.

It’s an inspiring thing to experience, the love that these employees have for their work, and their hospitality towards us, the guests. In a place so private and exclusive, you are surrounded by the warmest and most welcoming of people.


It hasn’t even been a week, but we are already itching to return. Amanpulo, you are truly something else.

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