10 Ways to Say I Love You Without Actually Saying It

Communication is key in a relationship. Haven’t we all heard this before? But communication doesn’t always mean talking. You can communicate through actions, body language, and gestures. (You can even communicate through facial expressions!) Whether you’re aware of it or not, there are many ways we communicate non-verbally, and they’re just as effective (or even more so) than speaking. So if you’re in that point in your relationship where you don’t want to say those big three words yet (ahem, ‘I Love You’) or are just looking for other ways to say it, we’ve got a few suggestions for you!



1 Prepare his favorite food

The easiest way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach. I mean, if it works for us girls, we’re sure it would work for the guys too!


2 Have lunch delivered to him

So if you’re not much of a cook, this option is just the thing. Have a pizza delivered to his house or office–just make sure to remember what he likes.


3 Send him a random text

You know, just to let him know that you’re thinking of him. (LOL, just don’t text him every ten seconds, okay?)


4 Leave him a note

Surprise him by leaving a Post-it somewhere (e.g. his bag or car). You don’t have to say ‘I Love You’. Maybe a heart, or even a smiley face will work.


5 Give him a hug

Because hugs are magic and make everybody feel good!


6 Organize something

Whether it’s a road trip, a movie night, or even your next date, the fact that you took the time and effort to plan something says a lot, and he’ll appreciate it for sure.


7 Ask him about his day

When somebody asks you about your day, don’t you feel like they’re taking the time to get to know more about you? It also shows that they’re interested in you, what you’re going through, and that they care too!


8 Make an effort to enjoy an activity with him, even if it's not your thing

So even if watching basketball isn’t your thing, the fact that you’re making an effort to understand the lingo, get to know his favorite players by name, and even cheer is definitely one way to show your love.


9 Allow him to do his own thing

It goes two ways in a relationship, and sometimes you can forget that it’s about what he wants to do too. So if he wants to hang out with the guys, let him have his time. Don’t worry, you’ll have your time together later.


10 Remember something he said, and follow through on it

If he’s been going on about how much he wanted to see a specific movie, wouldn’t it be a great surprise if you actually bought tickets and planned a movie night? If listening and planning don’t say ‘I Love You’, we don’t know what will!


So what do you think? Are you going to be doing any of these for your fiancé, hubby, or boyfriend? Maybe you’re already doing some? Let us know in the comments below!


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