Here are the Requirements You Need to Change Your Last Name

So you’re finally married, and you’re getting a head start on your post-wedding to-do list–that’s awesome and very responsible of you! We’re here to shed some light on the topic of changing your last name. For the record, ladies, changing your last name is not required. Couples have different preferences on this topic: The bride may or may not want to change her last name, and it’s not only the bride who gets to decide–even the groom can opt to change his last name too! There are pros and cons to this, and it’s something that you and your spouse should openly discuss.

If you (or your groom!) are set on changing your last name already, here are the requirements and estimated timeframe for each:

1. Passport Old Passport Marriage Certificate (copy and original) Birth certificate (original and photocopy) List of complete requirements 7 days for express, 14 days for regular Don't forget to book an appointment online first!
Requirements | 2 Appointment

2. Driver's License Marriage Certificate (original and photocopy) Same process as renewal Less than a day, but go early

3. Bank Records Marriage Certificate (original) One ID with your married name Less than a day at your bank branch/branches

4. SSS Marriage certificate (photocopy) Old SSS ID Authorization letter 8 weeks

5. PhilHealth Marriage certificate (original and photocopy) Valid Government IDs Less than a day, but go early

6. Pag-IBIG Marriage certificate (original and photocopy) Valid Government IDs Less than a day, but go early

Bonus tips:

  • You don’ t have to change your name right after you get married. You can if you want to, but it’s not necessary. But another tip is that you can change it when you renew a certain document (e.g. passport, etc.).
  • If you have two different IDs (e.g. driver’s license is married name and passport is not), just make sure to present a marriage certificate.

So there you have it, people! Hope this helped you out!

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  1. Do I need to bring a NSO issued Marriage Certificate or I can just bring the copy given by the civil records?

  2. Last time for my passport renewal, I brought my original marriage certificate but the lady insisted I need to bring an NSO issued marriage certificate

    1. yes ,,you really need to change your nbi,police clearance,postal id, from single to marriage because thats there requirements,you cannot get passport if you dont have your nbi,police clearance and postal need to change your surname first to your nbi,police,postal,or all your goverment id if you are married already before you can st your appointment of your passport

      1. hi, do we need to present all government IDs/ docs (NBI, postal ID, police clearance)? won’t they accept if i could just present just one of the mentioned items plus my PSA marriage certificate? I only have postal ID at the moment. was trying to access the consular site for the list of requirements but to no avail; it was not working at all. currently pregnant so im going directly in DFA with all the requirements but want to make sure that i have all the necessary documents first. hoping for a response! thanks!

  3. For Passport renewal, they will ask for the PSA (formerly NSO) issued Marriage Certificate. For the rest, a Marriage Certificate given by the civil records will do but it should have a certified true copy stamp.

  4. Hello! Did they accepted your marriage certificate with certified true copy stamp without your PSA marriage certificate copy? Please reply thank you in advance.

  5. Hi…i just want to ask if its possible to use my maiden name in school? So as i graduate my diploma bears my maiden name instead of his surname…thanks for answering

  6. Hi! Do any of the government agencies above retrieve the original PSA marriage certificte? Just wondering if I need to order multiple copies marriage certificate or just one copy. Thank you.

  7. What if the marriage was done abroad and the marriage certificate is not of English language, will they acknowledge my marriage certificate to change last name in passport or in any other passport or I need a document first from PSA, change status there, register the marriage in Philippines and all that?

    1. Hi ZC,

      Sharing my experience in the event it helps you with yours. I, too, got married abroad last year (Vancouver).

      Since I’m based in the Philippines, I had to wait until we visited again in June and then filed a REPORT OF MARRIAGE in the PH Consulate of Vancouver together with the requirements (i.e. British Columbia marriage certificate, passports, Canadian visa for me, birth certificates etc.).

      This takes about 2 months from the original date you filed the report. The report is what will be submitted to the DFA in Manila to record the marriage. Once the DFA receives this, you can then request for a PSO copy of the report of marriage online (it will be the actual form you submitted, printed in PSO paper, affixed with the seal and the required signature).

      Once you have this, you can use it to change your passport name, driver’s license, etc.

      Good luck!

  8. Hi. Is it Okay to kept my status single in the passport renewal since I just got married last year and now already planning for an annulment? All my other documents are in single status anyway. ?

  9. Hi! I’m a public school teacher and I just got married. what are the papers that I need to process/update right away so I can avail my maternity leave as well? Thanks!

  10. I am married for 16yrs but i was not aware that we can still keep our maiden name after marriage. Will it still be possible for me to use my maiden name back again? What are the requirements needed?

    1. Hi Hat,

      While it is probably possible to change your last name again, we aren’t very sure if the process will be the same. We recommend doing further research or asking governement agencies/officials for the due processes.


    1. Hi Ailyn,

      For changing your civil status and surname, it will depend which document you want to update. If it’s your SSS records, you have to go to the SSS office. If you want to update your passport, and other government records, you’d have to visit their respective offices as well. There are different requirements needed also so it will be best to research before heading to their office. But most probably, all of them will require you to bring your marriage license as one of the requirements.

      Hope this helps.

  11. I am currently using my Husband’s surname in my passport…If i want to renew it, can it be possible that i change my married name to my maiden name?

  12. My current company is applying for a payroll account on a certain bank. And in alignment with my company record, I filled out the application form using my husbands surname. However, my application under payroll account was placed on hold due to they found out that i have other accounts under my maiden name and they are requiring me to update my last name on those accounts. Can i have those accounts remain under my maiden name since those were hard earned money when I was single?

  13. Hi i’m so confused i just got married to a forienger last sept 27 2018 and i’m planning to carry his last name do i need to change my government IDs first before getting a CFO for a change of name in my passport? Please help me i’m so confused thank you.

    1. Hi Mine, it will be best to inquire in DFA directly and get their suggestion on your case. You can ask them which process will be more efficient for you. Congrats on your wedding!

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