The Ultimate Wedding Registry List

Ah, the gift registry. Apart from planning your wedding with your hubby, this list will remind you of the life that you two will start to build together. That sounds super sweet and exciting, but let’s be honest–you’re going to need all the right tools for it! Creating a registry helps because your guests will be guided on what to give you. But if you’re stumped on what to actually include in your gift registry, or you feel like maybe you’ve missed something, then check it against this list of essentials we made!

The living room is the first area a guest will see in most homes. You’d want to make it look cozy, inviting, and stylish. Make sure you have these in your arsenal so you can do just that!

After the hard work and love you put into preparing your meals, it’s only natural that you’d want it to look great as well. These items will also make your dining area neat and comfy.

Spruce up your dining area with these essential items that will help you feast at home!

We’re pretty sure water won’t be the only thing you’re gonna drink! Whether it’s a casual gathering or wine night, it’s always nice to be prepared.

Your kitchen might just be your favorite area in your home–after all, who can ever say no to food? Make sure you have the right tools to help you prep!

And here’s where the main event happens!

If you guys are into baking too, we have you covered! From home-cooked meals to pastries, you can find everything you need to make them here.

Now, these are the important appliances you’re going to need around the kitchen area as well. Can’t get into full cooking mode if you’re missing a few of these!

Ahhh, time to relax and unwind. All you want for your bedroom is maximum comfort, and we feel you. How do you achieve this? Consider racking up these essentials.

Here’s another one: A lot of people are actually very particular about what their bathrooms look like. You can never go wrong with having a hygienic bathroom, darlings!

Tidying up is very important. Other than it can prevent you from getting sick, it’ll also help maintain the look of your house and prolong the furniture in it.

Last but not the least, go on a vacation, and make sure you have these with you!


We hope this list helps you decorate your space and get the right things you need for your home with your life partner! Enjoy creating that registry!

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