7 Storage Items For Your Home That You Should Totally Own

With the everyday hustle you and your hubby go through, sometimes house organization is just not at the top of your minds. We get what you mean! But what’s great about cleaning up is that it significantly improves the aesthetic of your home, and you’ll less likely lose important things. Wouldn’t want to step on things all over the place too, wouldn’t you? We’ve scoured SM Home for cool pieces to help you keep things tidy and maximize space in your house along with tips to match!

1. Have a dedicated work station.

Owning a desk in the size you need, as well having drawers, can be very helpful. Don’t just leave your laptop lying on the bed or on the floor–and design the space with things that inspire you! Now that you have a space instead of doing things on your bed, watch your productivity rate skyrocket, and start getting better sleep!


2. Purposefully organize your clothes.

You’ll less likely have the problem of “not having anything to wear” if you mindfully sort through your clothes. Note which articles of clothing have to be hung, folded, and stored away. This includes your shoes, too–don’t just leave them at the doorstep! You’ll inevitably run the risk of tripping yourself or someone else.


3. Keep all the linens, blankets, and curtains fresh.

These things are huge and heavy, so they deserve another space that doesn’t occupy your closet. Since you won’t have to change them as often, it’s best to either keep them out of sight or decorate them creatively.


4. Get laundry baskets.

Don’t just throw your clothes on the floor after wearing them! It’s messy, and you’ll less likely have them washed if they’re just there lying around. You can opt to match them with the interiors of your home, or even make it an accent piece–who says laundry baskets have to look boring?


5. Store all your products and jewelry safely.

Us ladies have a lot of skincare and beauty products–that’s no secret. It’d be way cleaner (and prettier!) if you had a dedicated makeup tray or cabinets for the products you buy. Nothing ends up getting lost this way as well!


6. Make your bathroom sink clutter-free.

You wouldn’t want all your body products lined up on the sink now, would you? Keeping things organized in your bathroom can make you more comfortable spending time in there. Since you tidy up in the bathroom, keeping the place clean is also a must.


7. Take care of your kitchenware.

A lot of what gets stored are found in the kitchen and pantry area. It will do you good to have dedicated cupboards and storage cups for the different kinds of appliances, food, and dinnerware you need to use on a daily basis.


Maintaining your home is indeed important, and these items and tips are sure to help you do that! So go on loves, enjoy fixing up your lovely home!


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