Bohemian Romance

There’s something about pre-weddings that I absolutely adore. Aside from the beautiful locations and gorgeous couples, it’s the genuineness that really warms my heart. Today’s snaps by Myio Okamoto will surely bring a surge of emotion that will have you smiling from ear to ear. I personally love how the theme smoothly transitioned from classy to bohemian.  The mixture of black with warm earthy tones created a beautiful color palette that will surely soothe your eyes! Two entirely different themes, and yet this pre-wedding certainly pulled it off! I won’t keep you waiting any longer, lovelies! You know the drill–scroll down and drown yourselves in love and bliss!

Photographer: Myio Okamoto / Makeup Artist: Glow by Gerly / Stylist: Indie Hippie Prenup Styling / Location: El Kabayo, Subic
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