5 Ways To Include Star Wars In Your Wedding

Ten, ten, teneneneeeen, ten, teneneneeeen, ten, tenenenen… Okay, you should probably just hit the play button in the video below before scrolling further. Because today, in a galaxy far, far away, we are showing you ways on how to include your love for Star Wars in your wedding. Get ready, the force is strong in this post! Scroll down, you must…


1. Invite them to your big day! See more of this shoot right here. 

[Photo: Team Benitez / Engagement Shoot: Stormtrooper Sweethearts]


2. Have Stormtrooper boutonnières because… why not???

[Photo: MangoRed / Wedding: Paolo Valenciano and Sam Godinez Wedding]


3.  For grooms having a hard time convincing their wife about Star Wars, this subtle hint will do just fine!

[Photo: Mayad Studios / Wedding: Timeless Romance]


4. Or how about stitching it on to your groom’s vest? So that when you see your fiancé at the end of the aisle, you’ll know the force is strong with this one!

[Photo: Jaja Samaniego / Wedding: The Sweetest Sweethearts]


5. A light saber groomsmen fight? A Star Wars-inspired reception entrance? You’ll have to see this celebrity wedding geek out over the force! Simply adorable!

[Video: Notion in Motion / Photo: J Lucas Reyes / Wedding: Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona Wedding]


So have we convinced you yet that Star Wars is just plain awesome? Hope you enjoyed this post!

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