Paradox Pretty

We’re not going to deny it, we spent a little extra time admiring this beautiful wedding inspiration brought to us by Myio Okamoto partnered with Michael Galang of Icebox Imaging. Their paradoxical concept is pretty simple, and that is to find beauty in contradiction–a mix of light and dark, a taste of both radiant and dramatic. The result is just astounding. With Made by Lai creating the set, Dave Sandoval providing the blooms, and Zandra Lim dressing up the bride–this editorial is sure to catch your eye at every angle. Enjoy! Oh, and don’t forget to check out Cinemaworks‘ video at the bottom of the post!

The photographers share their concept below.

“Its interesting how two different outlooks on wedding photography sprouted a deep sense of brotherhood–and just like light and dark, one would not be significant without the other. We aim to bring you the best of both worlds of wedding photography. The popular and sought-after radiant and bright which resembles joy and innocence, and the often misunderstood but uniquely technical moody and dramatic which evokes a sense of intense passion.”

Photographer: Myio Okamoto Photography / Photographer: Icebox Imaging / Videographer: Cinemaworks / Bride’s Dress: Zandra Lim / Bouquet: Dave Sandoval / Stylist: Made by Lai / Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Diana Santos
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The Look