Celebrity Pre-Wedding Shoot: Paul Soriano and Toni Gonzaga

We’re counting the days until we get to see Paul Soriano and Toni Gonzaga say their I do’s. And just to make things so much more exciting, their wedding photographer, Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto, just posted their pre-wedding photos. We’re pretty sure you’d want to see this romantically regal set. Wishing these two the best on their big day!

Photographer: Metrophoto / Makeup Artist: Krist Bansuelo / Hairstylist: Macy Dionido / Styling: AJ Alberto / Set Design: Mike Lavarez
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The Look



  1. Wow…. This is fantastic , !! You made a right choice for the photo shoots , Here @ NATIONAL MUSEUM OF MANILA..;) Can’t wait for the big day!! Congratulation For this two couple, Toni and Paul. Just keep smiling 😉 and May God will bless you for the rest of your life……. Enjoy the moment and wish to see you both in person. 😉 Love Rena ……..

  2. In the 7th to the last photo, is her elbow in contact with tha painting? Because I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to touch the paintings. Boo, National Museum.

  3. Congratulations Paul & Toni ☺☺ wish you both the best of married life. And the challenges, you will definitely overcome them together. ?

  4. Those paintings are our heritage as a nation. Why is the National Museum allowing flash photography and then being so careless as that they didn’t notice Toni was touching the paintings? Why is her elbow on the painting?? Is this the National Museum or someone’s sala? Where is the respect?

  5. Is that a painting toni is resting her elbow on??? Didn’t anyone from the National Museum reprimand her on this?? Who the hell rests an elbow on a painting??

  6. Here’s what the photographer said about the shot of Toni resting her elbow on the painting: “The National Museum is very strict with their policy and they didn’t allow us to shoot inside the galleries. But we made the best of the situation by making a gallery out of the places they allowed us to shoot. We prepared our own busts and paintings to create an in-gallery feel outside the galleries.”

  7. there is not one pic that paul is seen happy or comfortable. for a celebrity prenup, i would say this one meets below expectactions

  8. over naman painting lang, sa sala ng kung sino yan d yan sa national museum over sa mga reaction. Out of repect na agad? Duh!!!

  9. Amazing groom and brides fashion style.
    Love elegant and fashion inspired photoshoot. Extra details of interior elements make this wedding shoot so fabulous. I have lots to learn from this pictures. How to direct people and explore love.

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