The Great Indoors: Ocean Booth Setup Details

There have been a lot of inquiries about The Great Indoors shoot marathon. Many are curious about what it really is about and what makes it so different from the others out there. With such meticulous planning and execution, we are in awe at how these booths are actually created by Teamba Designs. So we have decided to give you guys a sneak peek at one of the booths that is currently being built as of this moment–one of our favorites, the Ocean booth. Inspired by a sunken ship, the elements you’ll find are breathtaking, surreal, and absolutely brilliant.

And with our line up of super-talented photographers, hair and makeup artists, and stylists… this shoot is surely a once-in-a-lifetime steal. Register here now!

Here’s a top view of the Ocean booth layout.

The Ocean booth has elements like tilted chandeliers, portholes, lighted jellyfish, and blue sand on the floor.

Here’s a close-up of the chandelier and porthole pegs.

There are also fish net and seaweed elements hung from the ceiling to complete the ocean look. Couples can climb on one of the hanging nets to achieve a unique “lost at sea” shot!

The different sizes of jellyfish (some of which are lit) is one of our favorite details in this booth!

The fireplace in one corner will also have some lighted jellyfish, for a surreal look.

The second configuration of the Ocean booth will have a big lifesaver that couples can sit on if they so desire. How cute is that?

If you wanna see us and be a part of this, click here. The deadline for registration is on April 26, 2014 (this Saturday)!

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