Delightfully Darling

A tasteful mix of modern and traditional, multiple servings of wit, bursts of coral, and dashes of rustic makes this wedding that you’re about to see an all-around darling fΓͺte! Top it off with the whimsical lighting of Toto Villaruel‘s photography talents and your Tuesday will surely be looking brighter than ever!

So go ahead and dig in. We’re wishing you all a delightfully darling day ahead! Enjoy!

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The Look



    1. Hi Sarene. We typically put all the information we have. The submission didn’t indicate it so we’re not able to put it. Perhaps the couple or the suppliers from the wedding can comment on this post if they know!

    2. Hi Sarene, I wish to entertain your inquiry, as I am the bride of this wedding. =) The cake was made by Bizu, as well. Inside is a simple lemon butter cake which was divine. The frosted fruits were my idea, so I provided them with the fruits and Bizu did the whole sugar-frosting part. Kaye Reyes of Bizu also did a beautiful job styling the whole cake and champagne area. If you wish to see that, you can check out the complimentary photos of Zeus Martinez at his website. Hope this helps. =)

      1. Hi Shirin! What a beautiful wedding! I was drawn to this post since I am also getting married in the Magallanes church and my reception is in North Forbes as well. May I know who your florist is? πŸ™‚ I love the ceremony flowers. Did you also have a florist for the reception or is this all provided bu Bizu?

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