Wedding in Wonderland

For months now, people have been dying to see how Abet and Benz (the minds behind the Philippine website called Weddings at Work or W@W) would celebrate their 15th anniversary. You see, these two lovebirds have been around in the business for more than a decade, and they have been a big part of the lives of both couples and wedding suppliers. There were talks of a renewal of vows, but most people didn’t really know what to expect. Well, thanks to the official photographer Ryan Ortega, we’re happy to say that today we get to see this well-buzzed about wedding for the first time. You don’t normally see a Vegas drive-thru wedding here in B&B.

I am absolutely giddy with delight that we get to kick off the week with something unconventional yet bursting with color and character. If you are thinking fun with a festively glam kick, then this is just the thing you need to inspire on this beautiful Monday. I’d have to say that out of all the amazing details, I think my favorite would be the wardrobe. Benz looked all charmed up in her Veluz attire (yup, not your usual Veluz look as well!) while Abet along with his pals Jason Magbanua and Bong Sare of Threelogy rocked those colored suits by Boy Kastner Santos. Make-up artist maven Madge Lejano played a back-to-back role of dolling up the bride, doing overall outfit styling for the bunch, and being the bridesmaid dressed in Cecilio Abad. Both non-floral bouquets, the white one from Gideon Hermosa and the colorful one from Teddy Manuel, certainly were appropriate accessories.

Why a Vegas wedding?

Benz: It’s our 15th Year Wedding Anniversary–not a really big number, yet nothing to scoff at either. We wanted to celebrate ours but we didn’t want anything grand nor costly. We wanted it to be special and not let it slip by with only a simple dinner. We wanted something to remember it by, but we didn’t want a production. Just a simple renewal of vows without the drama, but super fun. A ‘Las Vegas Drive Thru Wedding’ for us was the perfect solution. We were traveling with friends so that’s it, they will be our witnesses and guests, it just so happened that they are also wedding suppliers so our photo, video, and makeup were all taken care of.

What’s the most memorable experience about this wedding?

Benz: It made me go down to the most basic. That a wedding should be one that would make the couple happy and giddy, one where you are yourself, one you can say is so you, just a more beautiful everyday you. So short pants it is for me–nothing can be more me than short pants!

What’s your favorite style detail?

Benz: I love the whole look, it came together and we all looked so buo (put-together). The color of one’s socks, tie, belt, bow, is all connected to each other. The look is so collected. The line from baduy (tacky) to porma (fashionable) was so thin and we are so glad Madge sewed it all together to make sure it is not going to go baduy (tacky).

What theme were you going for and why?

Benz: We wanted FUN. We wanted it to be like no other. We wanted to not care about any rules and just do as we please. We treated the event more as commemorating it than making new promises and getting married and being mushy all over again. More of a congratulatory kind of event. And more than a ceremony, it is actually a pictorial as well.

Thank you Abet and Benz for letting Bride and Breakfast be a part of showing people a celebration that is based on overflowing love, friendship, and life. It was so fun getting a glimpse of your very own wonderland!

Photographer: Ryan Ortega / Ceremony Venue: A Special Memory Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas, Nevada / Pictorial Venue: Nelson, Nevada / Videographer: Bong Sare of Threelogy / Videographer: Jason Magbanua / Makeup Artist: Madge Lejano / Bride’s Dress: Veluz / Groom’s Attire: Boy Kastner Santos / Groomsmen Attire: Boy Kastner Santos / Bridesmaid Dresses: Cecilio Abad / White Non-Floral Bouquet & Boutonnières: Gideon Hermosa / Vegas Bouquet and Wrist Corsage: Teddy Manuel / Earrings: CRU by Mickey See
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