Love and the City

So far, this week’s features have all been in beautiful cities abroad. Today we continue the streak with Chris and Inna’s engagement shoot in Manhattan. I am in love with this city and I’m absolutely taken by how Pat Dy captured the New York energy in this photo shoot! It’s straightforwardly chic and urban, yet romantic and charming. I thought the sweet mini dresses and the bow ties made just the right statement!

From the greenery of Central Park to the bustling streets of SoHo, this was a photographic walk in the city I absolutely enjoyed. Have I mentioned how much I love New York? This set has left me smitten once again.

Photographer: Pat Dy
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  1. Wow! such a lovely couple! I’ve always dreamed of visiting NY. I heard lots of good news about that place. It’s a city full of life and luxury.

    Thank you so much for sharing this post. At least, I got some glimpse of what it looks like there.

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