Save the Date: Paolo and Mitch

Greeting our week is a save-the-date video too stylish for words! The photos themselves are almost right out of a street blogger’s (think Tommy Ton and Garance Doré) site, but what makes the concept fresh is an endearing marriage of the old and the new. Take the street fashion photographs and give them a rendering in the filters of a childhood favorite, the Viewmaster, and we get a save-the-date video that is so sophisticated it leaves you wanting more–it’ll make you want to keep hitting the button and replaying, starting from the top, again and again.

Feast your eyes on this chic and charming invitation, to what I’m anticipating to be a fabulous fashion affair–produced by the genius himself, Jason Magbanua. Forget manic, I’m having a marvelous Monday!

Videographer: Jason Magbanua
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