Celebrity Wedding Video: Paolo Valenciano and Sam Tabuena Godinez

We always hear speeches at weddings we attend. Some make us laugh and some make us cry, some even make us cover our faces with embarrassment because of hilarious experiences we’ve shared. At the end of the day, these words of honor and tribute add so much to the beauty and meaning of the whole wedding experience.

Paolo Valenciano has always been known for his fun character and love for singing. We were so curious how marrying the love of his life, Sam, will look like. Thanks to MangoRed‘s photo slide show, we get to live the amazing experience with them. We’re blown away by the speech sound bytes that they infused in the video, that I would say was nothing short of brilliant.

Words from the heart definitely make the most beautiful music you could ever hear.

Photo Slideshow:: MangoRed
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    1. Yes Ella! We’re are in the process of changing it. Tabuena is her mom’s maiden name and it’s what I was able to put! My son was actually bugging me while I was writing it so I was a bit distracted. I couldn’t connect to the Internet a while back so we couldn’t make the correction. But it’s ok na! Phew!

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