’s 15!

Imagine my surprise when a friend sent me a text yesterday saying congratulations. I was a bit confused, also due to the fact that I was in the movie house and had no internet to help me figure out what she was talking about. When I got home and opened my trusty laptop, I was floored! We were listed as one of the 15 blogs worth following in (yey)! Honestly, there are days when I just need that extra kick to keep going. Every encouragement, whether it’s a personal email from one of our readers, or people clicking that Like or Tweet button under each post, and now, a mention in another cool website, is most certainly appreciated (especially on days when I get lazy to write–yup I’m human too)! Thank you, for encouraging me to keep blogging, And thank you to all of our readers, especially those who’ve LIKED, TWEETED, and helped get the word out there. You guys rock!

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  1. Congratulations, Janna! 😀 I love going through your posts because they truly inspire me. Will you be bringing back “Fashion Friday” though? I miss those. 😛

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