Fashion Friday: Mi Sueno Bridal Boutique

Good morning lovelies! Boy oh boy, do I have a treat for all of you today. Our Fashion Fridays would normally be about the best gown collections from all over the world, correct? Well today, Pronovias, one of the top brands in wedding gowns is just within your reach! (ACCCK!!! I love that idea!)

Last Thursday, my friends and I accompanied a newly-engaged friend to try on some wedding gowns at Mi Sueno Bridal Boutique. Because this is the first bridal boutique in the country, I was excited and ecstatic to see the shop (and the drrrreeesssesss!). We were greeted by Pepper, one of the most charming ladies I’ve ever met–she also happens to be the owner of the boutique. It was such an amazing experience for my friend who got to try on almost all the gowns in the store–and I must admit, my three other gal pals, including myself, were so tempted to try on those gorgeous numbers as well.

I decided to write about this because I totally would recommend this wonderful experience to brides out there looking for the perfect gown. The fabric, style and workmanship of Pronovias are simply exquisite. And don’t be intimidated with the price, I was shocked to discover how reasonable the prices actually were. And lastly, you get to see what works with your body. You’d be surprised to see some cuts you’d never dreamed of wearing actually complement your figure the most! Speaking of these gorgeous dresses, here’s a sneak peak at the elegant and chic store, plus some styles my friend got to try on (FYI: I didn’t post all the gowns since her fiancé might see the ones she likes).

I could totally hang out in that store the whole day to watch brides try on gowns. Love, love, love!

  1. What is Mi Sueno Bridal Boutique?

Mi Sueno Bridal Boutique (MSBB) takes pride in being the first bridal boutique in the Philippines, offering ready-to-wear bridal fashion. We are both excited and challenged to roll out this global trend and aim to help each bride find their “Mi Sueno” (my dream) gown.

  1. What makes going to MSBB a unique experience?

A trip to Mi Sueno Bridal Boutique is a unique experience, because we help you get a glimpse of how you will look like on your wedding day! Not to mention the fun involved in trying on different styles and designs that may or may not look good on you. It’s also a great learning experience as trying on the gown makes you realize what is flattering and not, and what is “you” and what is not. There’s no second guessing at our showroom!

Custom-made vs. Ready-made

The concept behind ready-to-wear gowns is that the gowns are made based on “balanced proportions” (this may vary from one label to another). It is believed that when a gown is made based on these balanced proportions, the outcome is visually pleasing and physically flattering. On the other hand, creating a gown based on actual measurements, which more often than not are imperfect proportions, run the risk of an odd looking gown as the gown may emphasize the imperfections of the figure. A ready-to-wear gown more often than not works for your body as it helps you conceal those imperfect proportions.

Another advantage of choosing a ready-to-wear gown is the certainty of knowing how you will look like on your big day. After all, you wouldn’t want to take a chance about your appearance on one of the biggest moments of your life! It simply saves you from stressing about fittings, worrying about how your gown will come out, and it ultimately allows you to channel your energies to many other tasks involved in planning a wedding.

  1. What brands do you carry? Can you describe them?

We are the authorized dealer for Pronovias bridal gowns in the Philippines.

Pronovias is a Spanish brand based in Barcelona that pioneered the integration of bridal and prêt-a-porter fashion. Pronovias is currently the world’s leading bridal house and is present in 75 countries, which now includes the Philippines! It would be safe to say that Pronovias is a household name in the bridal industry.

The diverse selection of designs and fabrics is what makes Pronovias unique and the market leader in bridal fashion. The creative team of Pronovias, headed by Manuel Mota, understands that brides have different tastes and desires, and they make sure to create a collection every year to satisfy every bride. There is certainly a gown for every bride at Pronovias.

We currently carry the Pronovias bridal gown line, and will be bringing in another label from the Pronovias Fashion Group later this year – Atelier Diagonal. Atelier Diagonal is another Pronovias label that caters to the bride on a slimmer budget, but still wants the beauty, detail, and certainty of a ready-to-wear gown.

  1. What is the price range of gowns from your boutique?

Pronovias gowns range from P65,000 – P175,000. While Atelier Diagonal gowns range from P35,000 – P60,000.

  1. If someone wants to try out gowns, how do they go about the process?

In order to give adequate time and attention to each bride, and to ensure that the experience is absolutely personal and fun, we allow viewing and fitting by appointment only. This enables us to give each bride the unique experience of discovering what gown suits her best. Brides are able to try on different styles, cuts, fabrics, and designs with the aim of finding “THE” gown.

Appointments may be set by calling:

Tel. No.: 848 – 7277 to 78 / 622 – 4361 / 622 – 4368 / 622 – 4372

Mobile: +63917 – 81 – SUENO (78366) / +63917 – 83 – SUENO (78366) / +63917 – 85 – SUENO (78366)


Showroom Address:

Penthouse of The Athenaeum Building at 160 L.P. Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines

Although, we encourage brides to set an appointment, we welcome walk-ins as long as we do not have a bride fitting at the time of arrival.

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  1. I love that we have a custom bridal shop now! Why weren’t they here 2years ago? 🙂 I got to try out Pronovia dressed but chose a custom-made one. This will make every bride-to-be’s wedding journey so much more fun! 🙂

  2. Got so excited when I saw your model!! 🙂 I like the one-shoulder satin one and the dress with the tiered ruffles on her. So pretty!!!

  3. I initially wanted to go with a custom-made gown but after trying on the dresses I WAS SOLD. I was shocked that the gowns were quite affordable. Brides-to-be will have so much fun in the mi sueno boutique. I highly recommend going there and trying on the gowns. Pepper is so nice and very patient (hehe). Thanks pepper and josh!

    I’m so happy we have something like this in Manila. Can’t wait to see my gown! 🙂

    1. Hi Lae,

      From what I know they have plus size sizes as well but I think it will have to be ordered. Best way is to inquire, the owners are very accommodating and the staff is really nice.

  4. Oooh! Good thing Pronovias is here now! I wore a Pronovias gown on my wedding but I had to order it online. But it was worth it. The price was reasonable and people couldn’t believe how much I paid for it, it was so well-made they all thought it was more expensive. I loved it (and everyone else who saw it) !

  5. I work here in England and ill be getting married this November in Philippines. I decided to have my gown made here, and has chosen to order it from Pronovias. I just had my first fitting last 5th of September, and it looked absolutely gorgeous! I loved it! I am glad that Pronovias is in Philippines now! xx

  6. Hi, is their number still the same? Im planning to visit and set an appointment when I get back to Philippines over the weekend ?

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