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I can’t believe that it’s 2011 already! And boy oh boy am I excited. This means a whole new year of amazing weddings and buckets of love to around.

So for our first wedding feature for 2011, here’s a worthy dose of prettiness for all of you. Aaron and Monica’s wedding reflects a sense of uniqueness, vibrance and a trademark that is truly theirs.

I love the shoulder strap of her gown. Talk about dramatic without being excessive!

Cranes and feathers.

From the bride:

Though we have been a couple for 10 years before we decided to settle down, we didn’t have an ideal wedding setup or theme in mind. When we started planning, my main request was just to have a good wedding photographer because we’re both not photogenic. We both agreed to look for the best photographer (without setting a tight budget on it). Since we both wanted to be hands-on with the wedding, we also decided to just get an on-the-day wedding coordinator. Those are the two main things that we agreed on.

There are many things though that went through long discussions. Aaron is an architect and most people would expect that he would like something grand, artsy, and very intricate in terms of theme, event style, and other wedding details. I, on the other hand, an Information Technology business analyst, would be less artsy and like things to be simple. Since we are opposites (both personality and style-wise) it was a bit hard for us to finalize on the specific theme. Aaron does not like the theme to be too girly/flowery, while I would like the theme to be more unique and have more production than the usual flowery theme. At first, I decided on a peacock feather/vintage/masquerade theme. Aaron, on the other hand, would like the theme to be Zen Minimalist. When we met up with the event stylist, we ended up having a theme that is Zen Minimalist using peacock feathers as accents for the event style.

I didn’t get to sleep at all the night before because of nerves. I was really scared to have eyebags appear on my big day. The following morning, I was shaking from nervousness and lack of sleep. During make-up time, Aaron sent me a sweet letter and flowers to my room telling me that everything will be okay and to enjoy the special day and I felt better.

During the father-daughter dance, I was crying from the start because I am a daddy’s girl and I cry easily. But what made everyone in the audience got teary-eyed was when Aaron also couldn’t help himself from crying because most people know that he was trying hard not to cry all throughout the day (exchange of vows, my walk down the aisle). He knows how close I am with my father and how emotional it is for my father to see me getting married.

Ceremony: Santuario de San Jose / Reception: Edsa Shangri-La Hotel Isla Ballroom / Gown: Cesar Gaupo / Suit: Joey Samson / Photographer: Metrophoto / Videographer: Threelogy / Music: Bernie Pasamba for the reception and Cirkulo for the after party / Florist: April and Karen Yu / Coordinator: Events Experts (Jody Liwanag) / Cake: Dexter’s / Hair and Make-up: Leo Posadas and Rowena Sonido / Event Stylist, Sounds and Lights: 4th Wall

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