Style Savvy Sweethearts

Deciding on features are relatively easy for me. When I see a wedding that has that “it” factor, my heart sort of skips a beat and a light bulb lights up over my head with a voice over saying “YES THAT’S THE ONE!”

When I saw Duke and Irene’s photos  (somewhere around seeing only 2 or 3), my style radar was already going bonkers! Yes, why wouldn’t it when this wedding was screaming creativity and beauty! So many big and small details to love–a cute bow tie, an intricate gown, a beautifully-crafted lace applique cake, and rich colors everywhere just to name a few.

Duke and Irene surprisingly relayed that they actually used my wedding as their inspiration (so flattered)! But honestly, I’d say this wedding has a whole unique vibe, feel and character that’ll definitely serve as a gorgeous inspiration to many brides out there!

From the groom:

The theme of the wedding was 50s Shanghai gangster and we even asked the guests and godparents to dress accordingly.

One of the memorable moments was our dance. My wife wanted to have a Dancing With the Stars-level dance, and I’m not the type to do anything halfway. It was our first ever dance production but we had a blast with Jun Garcia, and all the bumps and bruises from our lifting efforts was worth it. Sadly, we forgot to tell Irene’s dad. So when I came out with a cape and a rose in my mouth, she literally had to push him away to make room for our dancing.

And to add a more personal feel I picked all the songs and performers for our wedding reception, which gave it a very casual, comfortable mood, and I had people singing songs while the guests were eating, without bothering them to stop and pay attention.

Church: St. James, Alabang / Reception: Marriott Hotel / Photography: Metrophoto / Videography: Mayad / Gown: Veluz / Groom and entire entourage: Francis Libiran / Make-up: Lourd Ramos / Shoes: Gaupo / Music: Brass Munkeys / Flowers: Flower Facade / Coordinator: Detalye / Hosts: Joel Trinidad and Bea Garcia / Dance: Jun Garcia / Drinks: Distillery / Giveaways: Isabelle Corporation Taiwan / Standees: Mhon Rheaport / Invitations: Amis Print / Pre and Post Ceremony Cocktails: Quicksnack / Bridal Car: Don Roberts

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