The Art of Love: Engagement Shoot and Wedding Trailer

Being a lover of weddings, I think I’ve recently seen my fair share of engagement shoots. Some were classic, some funky, some totally cheezzzzyy (not always in a bad way), but my point is, I see couples reinventing themselves and always pushing the borders of tradition and style. Today, I again realized why I love this industry. Simply because it is full of art in real life. It celebrates the most fundamental word in human history—love! It is beauty that can be captured by a collaboration of artists and visionaries. It can be anything and anyone, anytime and anywhere.

You know how we send our save-the-dates in various ways? In my case I just emailed my guests. Well, this couple decided to have a wedding trailer! A wedding trailer (I just had to say it again)! Just like those trailers we see in the theater right before watching a film, but this time, think WEDDING! It is brilliant, romantic, and poetic. If I were a guest, I’d definitely look forward to their big day.

A wonderful video done by Mayad in collaboration with scriptwriter Audrey Rose Dusaran.

As if a trailer wasn’t enough, the couple also decided to go with one of Manila’s most sought after wedding photographers, Pat Dy. Pat being known for his editorial style really captured the couples’ own love for fashion and the arts.

Another international work of our oh-so-talented Filipino wedding suppliers. In my opinion, I have rarely seen vendors as good as those we have in this country. So grooms and brides, don’t be afraid to dream with them, because this is a time to create beauty!

Andrew and Coral, you both were exceptionally brilliant in your performance. How I wish I had a wedding trailer too that came along with our Japan engagement photoshoot!!!

Photography: Pat Dy / Video: Mayad Studios

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  1. The video gave me goosebumps, to think that i don’t even know the couple. What a lovely pair and what an awesome and creative idea to have a wedding trailer :)) Goodjob! Godbless your wedding!

  2. Awesome. God, when i marry it’s so gonna be Mayad studios. Anything they get their hands into, it’s just wonderful wonderful. REAL ART. Thanks for sharing, darling.

    1. Hi Cielo!

      Wow! im so glad you and your daughter are enjoying bride and breakfast! We have a FB page you may want to check out so you can get daily updates. Just go to Bride and Breakfast in FB then LIKE it. Or subscribe to the blog. Hope to see you here often! And thanks for the compliment. Warms my heart indeed!

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