Cool, Casual and Candidly Charming Engagement Shoot

Unassuming, natural and effortless. In my opinion, these are the hardest words to achieve in an engagement shoot. With all the hype on the thematic feel, many couples feel that simple just won’t do the trick. But here’s where we got it all wrong—simple does the trick to the nth level! And with just the right splash of style and a hint of “ooomph” (thanks to the bride’s great fashion sense), the simplest can look the “wow”-est.

The wedding of Andre and Pia was actually one of the first weddings we’ve featured in B&B (to see, click here). We just can’t get enough of this couple because even their engagement shoot is pure gorgeousness! I guarantee that when you look at these photos, you’ll feel like jumping and running around like a kid again—it’s so fun and filled with love! But wait, there’s more! I am totally digging the fact that two of their closest friends, Cookie Moreno and Gino Angeles—who just do photography as a hobby—came up with this amazing set of pictures. Minimalist and fresh, Andre and Pia’s engagement shoot definitely stands out even without trying.

In case you want to know, this is my favorite shot.

Yes, Andre and Pia… we heart you (two) too!

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