It’s All About Fashion

As we are beginning to notice pre-nuptial shoots seem to be more and more about fashion as much as it is about love. When before, couples would usually wear their own everyday clothes and have a photographer capture some cute and sweet shots, now is a different A-game. I’m guessing that the couples really want to maximize on the once in a lifetime opportunity to express themselves without reservation, and keep memoirs of their younger days when they could be as daring as they want to be, as individuals and as a pair. Today I decided to show another engagement session shot by our frequent B&B fave Nelwin Uy. The styling was done by the another talented stylist Kate Paras.

This shoot really had the clothes speak volumes about the couple. It’s about boldness, creativity and at a certain  extent, sophistication and glamour. I guarantee it’s so fun to play dress up. So for couples planning to do engagement shoots such as this, I really would suggest you get a trusted stylist that can work well with your photographer.

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