Songs Perfect For Walking Down The Aisle: Part 3

When the day of saying your “I Dos” finally comes, make sure you’ve got a beautiful, meaningful song to walk down the aisle to. This will be your last “walk” as a single woman, so make every step count with an extra special song that’ll get your heart all soft and your stomach all fluttery. […]

These Wedding Songs Are Perfect for Your Romantic Wedding!

I just love how sweet classic love songs are! There’s something about their simple and genuine lyrics that get me feeling butterflies in my stomach every time. They’re super danceable and sing-along-able too! Just imagine you and your groom looking each other in the eye and swaying (or swinging) along to these sweet tunes–ahhh, nothing […]

A Playlist to Celebrate Love

Even though Valentine’s Day is long over that doesn’t mean we stop celebrating the month of love! We know that there’s nothing quite like hearing love songs to keep the feeling of romance alive. So, we asked our lovely readers and viewers on Instagram and our Facebook community to share their theme songs with their […]

Sweet Songs That Are Turning 10 Years Old This 2016

Here at Bride and Breakfast, we just looove making playlists. If you follow our Spotify account, you’d know that we’re on top of our playlist game. And today, we decided to mix it up a bit by giving you sweet songs that will turn ten years old this 2016. Yes, you read that right! From hip-hop and […]