This Couple’s Grand Budapest Hotel Wedding Proves Why It’s Okay to Go for a Non-Traditional Theme

You’ve probably heard us use the phrases, “Don’t be afraid to go non-traditional,” or “Incorporate your personalities in your big day,” and today, I am so happy to show you a couple who was literally able to bring those words to life! Jeian and Maika wanted their wedding to reflect who they are as a […]

The Look


The Suave and The Serene

We know mornings can get so stressful and chaotic in so many different ways, but shush now darlings, we’ve got you covered! Pong and Janina’s exquisite wedding captured by Toto Villaruel will give you the same sort of feeling we get every time we take that first sip of hot coffee in the morning–calming, and […]

The Look


Classic Charm

Classic weddings are such butterfly-inducing events in my book. There’s just something that makes me so giddy about the perpetual cohesion of timeless details, sleek elements, and effortless elegance in a fête such as this. To be honest, as I write this post, I’m trying to tame down the crazy flutters in my tummy that […]

Fashion Friday: White Label 2014 Bridal Lookbook

February is certainly love month here in Bride and Breakfast. Just when you think Valentine’s Day is over, think again! We know how much you love our Fashion Fridays, but today you will love them even more. Why? Because an awesome promo comes with it. Beautiful dresses from White Label Bridal are up for grabs […]

A Tasteful Fairytale

We’re always told the most enchanting stories right before we fall asleep, but why wait that long? Any hour of the day is a perfect time to hear a fairytale. Like ripped pages from a storybook, this wedding that We Do It for Love sent our way is as whimsical as can be. Cathy looked […]