Six Stunning Aisles for an Unforgettable Wedding March

Many brides dream of having that magnificent walk down the aisle! It’s your grand entrance, after all. It deserves to be as memorable as possible just like that famous movie scene from Crazy Rich Asians, where the bride walked on water! So, we rounded up a few stunning wedding aisles, created by some of the […]

This Wedding Has a Warm and Striking Color Palette of Red and Orange!

Vibrant hues of red and orange, when put together, can create both a bright and lively atmosphere as well as a warm and romantic mood. Take a look at Glenn and Paulene’s wedding as an example! The warmth of red and orange definitely highlights what a day full of love looks like. Then, when you […]

Pink Takes the Spotlight in This Wedding!

With thousands of weddings we’ve seen throughout the years, we’ve noticed that you’ll hardly go wrong with pink! Take this wedding of Peter and Joyce as an example. It’s easy on the eyes and the overall feel of the event is classy and elegant. Aside from the bridesmaids dresses and the couple’s stunning outfits, what […]

The Look


This Couple Went for a Casual and Moody Vibe

It was important for Martin and Gliza to have a Church wedding even if they’ve been married civilly for two years. They wanted to make the most out of the moment so they planned a celebration that’s intimate, moody, and casual. By choosing deep red, green, and black, they were able to achieve the look […]

This Bride Made Her Grand Entrance While Riding a Boat!

Bride Syd definitely knew how to make her entrance a memorable one. In most weddings, we anticipate double doors opening to reveal the radiant bride. But in Ernest and Syd’s celebration, guests looked out towards the ocean as the bride sailed on a boat before walking towards her groom. What a great way to fully […]

The Look