Mastering the Art of Gift Giving: Here Are Gifts That Wedding Guests Will Actually Love to Keep!

Among the recurring questions we frequently see on our Bride and Breakfast community are: What kind of gifts should I give our Ninongs and Ninangs? What item will be impressive enough? And most of all… What kind of gift won’t go to waste?!

There is an art to gift giving. It can take some time, careful selection, and much thought most especially if you want to earn a genuine smile and feeling of joy from your loved ones. So, why don’t we show you how to quickly master the delicate art of gift giving? Discover expert tips and recommendations from a trusted wedding gift supplier, beloved by countless couples. Keep reading to find out more!

Mastering the Art of Gift Giving: Here Are Gifts That Wedding Guests Will Actually Love to Keep!

We’re bringing in the expertise of Mayfair & Co., a brand known for providing you with gifts that are equally beautiful, functional, and of great quality. They not only provide you with excellent items, but rather ideas and solutions that make the gift-giving (and gift receiving!) experience so much more worthwhile and genuinely meaningful. Through their various home organizing items, home essentials, and decor products, you are giving your guests practical gifts that evoke joy, gratitude, and your love! Mayfair & Co. believes that design and function are meant to be a perfect combination, after all, just like a happy marriage. And you can definitely count on their first-rate, and reliable service to ensure that the gift giving part of your wedding planning process is a breeze!

In fact, they’re making gift giving a lot easier for you right here with a curated list of items for each type of wedding guest!

"We believe that a great gift should be both beautiful and useful. Our products are designed with an eye for elegance, attention to detail, and practicality, ensuring that they not only look stunning but also serve a functional purpose in your guests’ lives." Imee Magdaraog, Co-Founder of Mayfair & Co.

For Your VIP Guests
VIP guests could be your parents, relatives and friends whom you have a very close relationship with, business partners, or anyone you see as highly significant in your lives. “For VIPs, it might be helpful to consider their tastes and interests. Personalized gifts that reflect their personality can make a lasting impression,” says Imee Magdaraog, Co-Founder of Mayfair & Co.

Monaco 3-in-1 Box Tray

Why will your VIP guests love this? It’s a stylish multifunctional item that can be used and displayed in the living room or the kitchen. You can also use the cover as a standalone tray to serve coffee or snacks for guests. To give this a more personal touch, add a custom engraving of your VIP’s name.

Versailles Luminary Gift Set

Why will your VIP guests love this? Fragrances give the gift of calm and relaxation! And this already comes as a set with a candle warmer and premium quality soy candle. You can also choose from Mayfair & Co.’s signature scents: French Cotton, Creme de Cassis, and Gingerbread Latte.

For Your Principal Sponsors
Ninongs and Ninangs play an important role as witnesses on your wedding day and as examples of how you wish to live your married life. Show your appreciation through these luxurious options that also serve a functional purpose!

“While it’s important for gifts to be visually appealing, they should also be practical. Consider items that guests can use in their daily lives or that serve a meaningful purpose,” Imee advises.

Madison Foyer Set

Why will your principal sponsors love this? The Madison Foyer Set elevates home organizing! These glass pump decanters are great for hand soaps, hand creams, shampoos, and more. They’re made with high-grade glass and corrosion-resistant gold metal pumps for durability and long-lasting elegance. To make this set a more meaningful keepsake, you can have the labels customized with your wedding monogram!

Lucerne Cheeseboard Set

Why will your principal sponsors love this? This oval cheeseboard is crafted from sustainable acacia wood. It includes a white quartz oval slate, and a gold cheese knife and fork made from durable stainless steel. If your principal sponsors love to entertain, they will enjoy serving cheese and charcuterie using the Lucerne Cheeseboard Set.

Luxury Home Fragrance Set

Why will your principal sponsors love this? A reed diffuser and soy candle all in one set gives the gift of spa-like relaxation and elegance. The sleek design also makes this double as beautiful home décor!

<strong>For layout: Gift Giving Tip from Mayfair & Co. The best gifts have sentimental value. Personalizing gifts with a special message, their names, or the wedding date can turn a simple item into a cherished keepsake </strong>

For Your Entourage
Your entourage members are the people who have been holding your hand throughout the whole rollercoaster of life and of wedding planning. So, add a touch of personalization with these items that will surely make them feel loved by you!

“From custom engravings to selecting colors and designs that resonate with the couple’s theme, every gift is a reflection of the couple’s unique journey and personality. This level of detail shows guests that they are cherished and appreciated,” says Imee.

Provence Luxury Soy Candle

Why will your entourage love this? Mayfair & Co.’s Provence Luxury Soy Candle emits a relaxing and mood-uplifting scent. For example, the Creme De Cassis envelops your space and makes it more inviting with the fruity and woody scent of black currants. It’s also made from pure soy wax, which is eco-friendly, burns cleaner, and lasts longer!

Amalfi Home Fragrance Diffuser

Why will your entourage love this? The Amalfi Home Fragrance Diffuser creates a luxurious atmosphere for any type of space, whether it’s your bedroom, office, or living room. Also, reed diffusers are a great option if your entourage members prefer scents that don’t need the help of heat or flame.

For Your Wedding Guests
Sincerely express your gratitude through a gift that will be a worthy remembrance! The best part is that you can also personalize these gifts with custom labels featuring your wedding date, your names, or even your guests’ names. Lastly, make sure your gifts and souvenirs come in beautiful packaging to make them more thoughtful.

“Quality & care are at the heart of Mayfair & Co. This is reflected in the products and packaging of our gifts to guarantee that guests will appreciate receiving them and will enjoy them for years to come,” says Imee.

Kensington BPA-Free Pump Gift Set and Oxford BPA-Free Pump Gift Set

Kensington BPA-Free Pump Gift Set
Oxford BPA-Free Pump Gift Set

Why will your wedding guests love this? These gift sets will help them have neat, clutter-free, and immaculate-looking kitchens and bathrooms! Both are high-quality BPA-free pump decanters that are suitable for liquid products such as soaps, shampoos, and the like. The custom labels also give a heartwarming touch of personalization.

Seychelles Wood and Marble Coasters

Why will your wedding guests love this? A mix of wood and marble gives subtle sophistication for your dining table and when serving drinks at home. These are made-to-order pieces that can be customized and made more intentional with personal engravings.

Seoul Cassette Scented Hand Sanitizer

Why will your wedding guests love this? The Seoul Cassette Scented Hand Sanitizer is a thoughtful gift for your guests to keep them safe, healthy, and clean anytime and anywhere. This is reusable, compact, and easy to bring around.

<strong>For Layout: Gift Giving Tip from Mayfair & Co.:</strong> <strong>Gifts should complement the overall wedding theme and aesthetic. This consistency creates a cohesive experience and makes the gifts feel like a natural extension of the wedding celebration.</strong>

For Yourselves
You can’t forget about yourselves, brides and grooms! Welcome married life with quality items that will make your space warmly feel like home. If you want all of the items above, and maybe a couple more to add on your wishlist, then sign-up for Mayfair & Co.’s Wedding Registry. What are the perks? Free consultation with Mayfair & Co’s experienced Style Consultant so you can pick out the most suitable items, 10% OFF on all items on your registry, 5% rebates in the form of gift vouchers, free delivery to the couple’s home address, and free label application.

From stylish storage solutions, home decorations, fragrances, pantry essentials, up to home organizing items, Mayfair & Co. will surely have something to spruce up your newlywed home.

Mayfair & Co. gives you premium quality, elegance, and practicality all wrapped into the perfect gift for your loved ones and for yourselves! If you’d like to give away gifts that genuinely come from your heart, visit the Mayfair & Co. website or follow Mayfair & Co. on Instagram and Facebook to send your inquiries or place your orders.

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