Wedding Day Beauty 101: Practical Tips to Look Fresh from Preps to After Party!

Apart from observing your bridal beauty and skincare timeline months ahead of your wedding, you’ll want to take note of some prep tips and tricks for the big day itself!  While you’ll likely have a makeup artist who will make sure you’re all glowing and beautiful on the special day, it’s also worthwhile to be equipped with a couple of tips to help your makeup power through. So let’s talk about them here:

Wedding Day Beauty 101: Practical Tips to Look Fresh from Preps to After Party

One of the secrets to achieving that glow from within: Water. Set an alarm if you have to so you can make sure to drink enough water daily! Make drinking water a habit before reaching for your daily cuppa. Hydrating helps your body flush out toxins, keeps you energized, and helps you maintain good looking skin! The day of your wedding should be no exception! Have a water bottle at your side as you’re doing your hair and makeup, so you won’t ever be dehydrated.

Do Your Skincare Routine
It’s good to make sure your skin is prepped before putting makeup on. The night before your wedding, you can do some gentle exfoliation or simply put on a moisturizing sheet mask. On the day of the wedding itself, ask your makeup artist if you can still put on SPF and moisturizer before getting your makeup done. Sometimes having too much product on your face will cause your makeup to either slide off or cake even more. But if you have dry skin, you might want to apply a light layer of moisturizer to make sure your foundation doesn’t cake over dry patches.

Don’t Skip the Lip Balm
If your lips tend to be dry and chapped, it’s wise to apply a light layer of lip balm to make sure your lipstick glides on smoothly. You might want to make lip balm a part of your evening skincare routine as well so you’ll wake up with moisturized lips the next day!

Pack Your Own Sponge or Brush
Despite having 24 hour long wear foundation, makeup will still move and separate throughout the day. You’ve got heat and sweat working against you. Besides, you’ll be smiling, crying, and laughing the whole day, naturally, that will cause makeup to move. The good news: There’s a quick fix. All you have to do is blend your foundation again with either a beauty sponge or makeup brush, whichever you’re comfortable using. Have a small, travel-sized sponge or brush that you can easily throw in your purse so you can easily fix your makeup. If possible, you can also bring a small fixing spray or hydrating mist to give your face a fresh spritz!

Arm Yourself with a “Kikay” Kit
Remember those “kikay” kits we used to keep in our lockers at school? Well, it’s probably a smart practice to do again even if it’s just for the wedding day. Pack a pouch where you can put a few makeup and skincare products. Some of the essential items you might want to consider are: Oil blotting sheets, a small pack of facial tissue, a travel-sized facial mist, translucent powder, a lipstick or lip tint. The oil blotting sheets and translucent powder will help keep the shine at bay, while a spare lipstick or tint will help your lip color look refreshed after sipping on drinks. You can go for neutral colored lipsticks or those that lean towards blush or rosy pink since these are most commonly used for both entourage and bridal makeup looks. Or try to ask your MUA what lip color they’re using on you and see if you have something similar!

It goes without saying that you should rely on the talent of your makeup artist. They are the experts in enhancing your natural beauty after all. And they will definitely make sure that you look your best from morning until night. Don’t be shy to ask about skincare tips and some beauty hacks. For example: What kind of foundation will look best on me? What kind of look should I go for – dramatic, romantic, natural? What are some good sheet masks I can put on the night before or the morning of my wedding?

Bonus Tip: Take Your Makeup Off and Double Cleanse (After the Party!)
Let’s not forget that you’ll have to take off your makeup, too. So, let’s prevent unwanted breakouts before the honeymoon, shall we? Do your best to double cleanse with either micellar water or an oil based cleanser followed by your regular facial wash. To check if your face has been properly cleansed, use a clean towel to dry off. If there’s still some transfer of color or makeup on your face towel, you might want to go back in with a splash of water or another gentle cleanse. Then proceed with the rest of your evening skincare routine!

You deserve to look and feel your best most especially on the day of your wedding, dear bride! So, we hope these simple tips will help you out. Let us know what are some of your personal favorite makeup and skincare tips in the comments, too!

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