These Brides Share Tried-and-Tested Secrets to Achieve the Bridal Glow

As the wedding day approaches, every bride-to-be dreams of having a radiant and flawless complexion that will leave everyone in awe. Achieving that coveted bridal glow requires more than just makeup and a dazzling dress; it begins with a well-planned pre-wedding skincare routine. So, we asked for the personal experiences of Carla Lizardo-Sulit and Janna Tee-Javier, two brides who successfully achieved their dream bridal glow, along with insights from Dr. Ryce Garcia of Facial Care Centre.

These Brides Share Tried and Tested Secrets to Achieve the Bridal Glow

Challenges and Solutions

It’s only natural for our bodies to respond to stress, and for some, that response can manifest in the form of skin breakouts. Janna, like many others, experienced this firsthand while preparing for her wedding day. The stress of planning such an important event can take a toll on both our mental and physical well-being, and the skin is no exception.

Bride: Janna Tee-Javier

Acknowledging the impact of stress on her skin, Janna wisely sought the help of professionals at Facial Care Centre to address her skin concerns. Thanks to wedding prep facials, Janna was able to control and soothe her skin while finding moments of relaxation amid the hectic wedding planning.

Bride: Carla Lizardo-Sulit

Carla, on the other hand, opened up about her desire to be a glowing bride and her concerns about her underarms, eyebags, and face shape. She also sought the expertise of Facial Care Centre for the appropriate treatments to address her insecurities. Carla shared, “Glad that they offer something for pretty much every concern, and they treat you like a princess so you feel really great after your sessions.”

Timing Your Pre-Wedding Skincare Routine

Both brides agreed that starting a pre-wedding skincare routine as early as possible is crucial. Janna confessed, “If I could turn back time, I would have started the moment I got engaged.”

Dr. Ryce adds, “The best time to start is as soon as you possibly can. Give yourself at least 6 months, if possible. Treatments and skin care regimens don’t work like magic. The treatment takes time to work, and your skin and body need time to heal itself. Depending on your treatment regimen, some downtime may be necessary.”

Photography: Pat Dy

Recommended Treatments for a Radiant Complexion

Janna emphasized her favorite treatments for a radiant complexion, stating, “I’ve always been a fan of Revlite. I believe that prolonged the effects of my facials. Also, my acne-control facials quickly dried up spots and got rid of unwanted white and blackheads before developing into breakouts.”

Photography: Pat Dy

Carla, on the other hand, raved about three treatments that became her go-to for the perfect bridal glow. She shared, “The first was UltraV for face lifting and contouring, the second was the Fire & Ice facial because it gave me glass skin, and third was LaserLight for hair-free underarms!”

Photography: Jaja Samaniego

Dr. Ryce also recommends, “For ladies that want to target tired-looking undereyes, they can do the BGlow Skin Brightening Laser treatment. For brides that just want skin rejuvenation and glow, we recommend the Sublime Star for a non-invasive skin tightening treatment, in combination with Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy that will give you that smooth, supple, and glowing skin.”

Managing stress, a key to glowing skin

Both brides stressed the importance of managing stress during the wedding planning process to avoid skin concerns. Janna confessed, “Definitely broke out outside of my usual cycle. My skin, aside from pimples, was dry and dull.” To combat this, she adopted a proactive approach, alternating between acne-control facials and honey almond facials to restore moisture and radiance. Janna’s Facial Care Centre sessions became her haven, offering not only treatments but also a chance to relax and unwind amidst the bustling wedding preparations.

Carla also recognized the impact of stress on her skin, particularly due to her tendency to experience eczema flare-ups. “One of the biggest tips for stress management is to hire a great coordinator if it fits your budget. It’s worth it, they hold your hand throughout the process, so it doesn’t get too overwhelming,” Carla advised.

Additionally, Carla’s husband played a significant role in keeping her calm and reminding her of the true focus of their wedding–their love and union. Whenever stress seemed inevitable, Carla consulted the dermatologists at Facial Care Centre for suitable treatments, ensuring her skin remained fresh and rejuvenated.

Nourishing your skin from within with a healthy diet

Both brides emphasized the crucial role of a healthy diet in achieving a glowing complexion. Dr. Ryce adds, “Even though planning a wedding is definitely stressful, getting enough hours of sleep a night should always be emphasized. To maintain the effects of your skincare regimen and treatments, always remember to use sunscreen. Of course, a healthy well-balanced diet and a sustainable exercise regimen will help your overall health, and it will show in your skin.”

Photography: Jaja Samaniego

Carla’s approach to maintaining a healthy diet involved calorie counting. She adhered to a 1200-calorie diet with a variety of nutritious foods like brown rice, vegetables, and fruits. Carla also incorporated regular workouts and body contouring treatments at Marie France to boost her metabolism and ensure her skin radiated health from the inside out.

The power of hydration

Both brides recognized the transformative effects of hydration on their skin. Proper hydration not only contributes to a radiant complexion but also boosts overall well-being. Janna’s experience with staying hydrated led her to radiate that inner glow from within, while Carla acknowledged that maintaining hydration was essential for her skin, especially leading up to her wedding day.

Dr. Ryce also emphasizes the importance of hydrating the body, “Drink up to 8 glasses of water a day. Beware though! This does not include your favorite latte or macchiato from your local coffee shop. Try to reduce sugary drinks (yes, your milk tea) and sodas.”

The journey to achieving the perfect bridal glow goes beyond skincare products and treatments. A balanced approach to skincare, both inside and out, will undoubtedly lead to the radiant and flawless complexion every bride-to-be desires as they confidently walk down the aisle on their special day. Remember, preparation is key, and you deserve to feel like a glowing bride on your special day!

Don’t wait until the last minute; start your journey to glowing skin as early as possible to allow ample time for treatments to work their magic. To book your consultation or learn more about the transformative treatments offered at Facial Care Centre, visit their website at or call their friendly team at 8892-7546.

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