What Brides Need to Know Before Choosing a Wedding Dress

Choosing your wedding dress can get pretty overwhelming, because you want to make sure that your decision really is the right one. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, so of course you’d love nothing more than to wear the dress of your dreams. But how do you even find that dream dress? There are so many options out there — custom, ready-to-wear, separates, and more. How do you narrow it all down?

We know how significant the wedding dress is, so we want to help you make the search less confusing! Here are some practical tips you can take note of.

What Brides Need to Know Before Choosing a Wedding Dress

Determine the Theme of Your Wedding
One of the first steps you can do to narrow down your choices is to establish your wedding theme or at least the mood/feel of your wedding. Having an overall aesthetic will then help you plan the rest of the details. If you’re having a minimalist wedding, then a dress that is unembellished would usually match. If you’re having a classic romantic wedding (think Bridgerton-esque) with a hotel reception, then you’d probably want to consider a ballgown. It’s good to know what dress style will match your wedding theme to achieve a cohesive look.

Establish Your Budget Range
The budget will always give you a clear boundary. The amount of money you’re comfortable spending on a dress will help you decide whether you’ll go for custom or ready-to-wear, and which brands or designers to work with. Try not to shop nor try-on dresses that are way out of your price range. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment if you end up loving an expensive dress but cannot buy it. There will be a dress out there that is right for you and within your means.

Research for Pegs
Mood boards come in handy because you’ll be able to determine the general aesthetic you’re going for. When you browse some of our fashion articles and real wedding features, you’ll find plenty of wedding dress inspiration. Save or pin each outfit that catches your eye, and then find what they have in common — silhouette, color, embellishments, length, and more. Your goal here is to figure out what you like and what you don’t. This way, you’ll have a guide when you visit bridal stores.

Try On Different Kinds of Dresses
Dresses will look different on each of us. The best way to know if a particular silhouette or cut suits you is by trying it on. Don’t just rely on photos you see online. Schedule your appointment at bridal stores at least six to eight months before your wedding, so you’ll have time to explore and fit as many dresses as you need until you find ‘The One.’ Sometimes, you realize the style you liked at first might not be for you after trying it on. Instead, you surprise yourself by falling in love with a totally different dress! If you still can’t find the exact dress you want after trying on so many, then this may be the time to consider going custom.

Bring a Supportive Shopping Crew Along
Wedding dress shopping can get overwhelming. It could really be a tough decision to make. So, bringing along your best friends, and close family members will help! Gather the people who will be supportive, honest, and will give you the feedback you need. Make sure to take the people who truly have your best interest at heart!

Renting is an Option
If you’re looking for a budget-friendly and sustainable option, renting is something you might want to think about. A lot of brides favor the option of renting because the dress will only be worn for one day anyway. There are bridal stores in the metro that have rentals available. You can even find beautiful designer labels without committing to a higher price tag.

Consider Accessories and Shoes You Want to Wear
This is good to remember especially if you’ve decided on wearing a piece of heirloom jewelry from your family. You can then look for outfits that will complement your jewelry and make it stand out. Another way brides express their style and personalities is through shoes — heels, sneakers, flats, statement shoes, etc. No matter what outfit you’re wearing, your choice of footwear can add a unique touch to your bridal look.

Be True to Your Personal Style
Even if you have to try on hundreds of dresses, don’t ever forget to be true to yourself. Pick a dress because it speaks of you. Choose a dress that makes you happy. You don’t always have to follow what’s traditional or classic if that’s not what you want. When you look back on your photos, you should only remember the joy of wearing the dress or outfit that’s really meant for you!

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