Wedding Planning Tasks You Can Do as a Couple

Who takes the lead in wedding planning most of the time? The Bride. She often has the final say. The good thing is, just as often, the Groom is happy to relinquish his decision making powers over to the Bride, because he simply trusts in his partner’s taste and aesthetic.

However, let’s not forget, that a wedding ultimately is a celebration for both the Bride and Groom. A celebration that honors the love between you! While there are details you choose separately, such as your attire, there are other tasks you can work on together. These tasks are even more meaningful and beautiful when you collaborate as a couple. Keep reading to learn what they are!

Wedding Planning Tasks You Can Do as a Couple

<strong>Shopping for Your Wedding Rings</strong>
The wedding rings, the symbol of your love and commitment, are something you pick out together. Wedding rings are also the pieces that you will both wear beyond the big day. When you’re the type of couple who wants to prioritize adding sentimentality to your ring, it’s great to put your ideas together — monograms, engravings, your choice of stones, and more. Whether you’re having rings customized or not, choosing together is important so that you’ll have a complementing pair.

<strong>Menu Tasting</strong>
Food is a priority for many couples, because it’s something that you and your guests will always remember. And we all know that a party is just so much better when the food is delicious! So, menu tasting is another fun task to do together because you’ll get to enjoy food that you both love eating. You might have different preferences, that’s why deciding on the menu together will guarantee that you will both be happy with what the caterer serves.

<strong>Venue Ocular</strong>
How exciting would a day trip be to visit your venue options? I know of couples who make a date out of visiting various Churches and events venues around the metro and even out of town. I can easily imagine why this is such an enjoyable activity to do together, especially when you’re visiting places that have a significance in your relationship.

<strong>Meeting with Ninongs and Ninangs</strong>
In our article about how to choose your wedding Ninongs and Ninangs, we mention how valuable it is to spend time with them. This is a must to do together so you’ll both be well-acquainted with the ones who will serve as role models for your marriage. Meeting your principal sponsors as a couple helps them get to know you and your relationship as well.

<strong>Choosing and Proposing to Your Entourage</strong>
When choosing your entourage, you will most likely divide the roles among your family and friends. This could be a 50/50 distribution or one of you might have more people to include than the other. It’s best to work on your entourage list as a couple so you can properly agree on how to divide the roles. Will there be equal numbers of bridesmaids and groomsmen? Will it be an all-adult entourage? This is for both of you to decide. You can also propose to your entourage together! A good friend of mine and her fiancé threw an engagement party which also doubled as the entourage proposal night. Before dinner, they surprised each of us with personalized proposal letters. It was truly a memorable experience for the couple and all of us who will be part of their wedding!

<strong>Planning Your Couple Dance</strong>
If you’ve always wanted to do a couple dance number, then this is your chance! Make this a fun activity to do together, no dance background required. You can learn at the same time by taking classes or hiring a choreographer. A couple dance is really something you should plan and practice together so that you’ll both be comfortable and confident when you perform in front of your guests!

<strong>Making a Wedding Gift Registry</strong>
Trust us, shopping for gift registry items is something the two of you will enjoy! Building your future home together is even more fun when you both get to choose the furniture pieces and decor you really like. You and your partner can pick items that speak of your personal style as well as your preferences as a couple.

<strong>Visiting Bridal Fairs</strong>
Don’t forget to add visiting bridal fairs on your wedding planning schedule. Apart from the exclusive deals and discounts, going to bridal fairs together gives you the chance to narrow down your choices for suppliers, motif, attire, and more. The two of you will be able to talk to the suppliers yourselves, which then makes it easier for you to decide together who suits your wedding vision more. Plus, a bridal fair is an event where you can fully relish being an engaged couple planning the best day of your lives!

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