Let’s Talk About Filipino Wedding Superstitions and What They Mean

Is it bad luck if a guest wears black to your wedding? Will your marriage be at risk if your wedding is held in the same year as your sibling? I’m sure you’ve heard of many superstitions from your parents and grandparents. Every culture has its own set of pamahiin or superstitions, including ours. But does that mean they’re real or that you should believe in them completely? The answer depends on you and your own personal beliefs. There’s nothing wrong with erring on the side of caution and observing these superstitions. On the other hand, there’s also no harm if you choose not to believe in them either.

Let’s talk about some of these Filipino superstitions in more detail. We’re also going to give our own perspective on these superstitions and what they mean. If you’d like to share your own thoughts, feel free to comment below! For now, keep reading.

Let's Talk About Filipino Wedding Superstitions and What They Mean

<strong>Bawal magkita ang bride at groom bago ang kasal</strong>
The bride and groom can’t take a peek at each other hours before the ceremony, because it’s bad luck for their married life if they do. It is said that seeing each other before the ceremony is like getting ahead of the future which is something you’d want to avoid.

What we think: Apart from good and bad fortune, for some couples, it’s also just a lot more exciting to see each other for the first time in wedding attire at the aisle. You get to see your partner’s genuine reaction as you make your grand entrance, and we can all imagine how romantic that is. But there are also couples who choose to go the unconventional route by having a first look. The reason for this is that a first look before the ceremony gives the couple a more private and quiet time to spend with each other. It’s a special moment just between the two of you (and your photographer).

<strong>Bawal ikasal ang magkapatid sa parehas na taon</strong>
Sukob — a superstition that says you and your sibling cannot get married in the same year because the blessings or amount of prosperity you receive will be divided. Some even say that one marriage will fail.

What we think: Again, these beliefs really depend on your and your family’s own values. Postponing a wedding date in favor of another is a personal decision for you to make, whether you believe in sukob or not. However, we do believe that a wedding and a marriage are already huge blessings. There’s no concrete volume for the amount of blessings we receive. There’s plenty for all of us. And no matter what you will have a joyful and abundant married life!

<strong>Bawal bumiyahe bago ang kasal</strong>
It is said that soon-to-wed couples are more prone to accidents, that’s why they must avoid traveling for their safety.

What we think: There’s no harm with being careful. And, honestly, it might not be that practical to plan a long trip out of town or out of the country a few weeks before your wedding, unless you’re having a destination event. You’ll be neck-deep in wedding planning details after all. But we do believe that couples deserve a break in the middle of all the preparations. A short weekend trip to a nearby villa should do the trick or even just eating out at your favorite restaurant.

<strong>Bawal magsuot ng itim ang mga bisita</strong>
Wearing of black clothing is typically associated with attending funerals for us Filipinos. If a guest wears black to your wedding, it is said that the couple will be given bad luck.

What we think: It’s understandable why people would think black is not the most suitable color for a wedding. However, we have seen several weddings featuring black and white color palettes and where the entourage members are wearing all-black dresses. Even grooms wear black suits. It will really be up to you and how you perceive the color black. For us, black is an elegant color that adds a modern vibe to a wedding!

<strong>Hindi dapat isukat ang damit bago ang kasal</strong>
This is a tricky one especially since your dress is made several months ahead of your wedding. Some believe that trying on your final dress means bad luck and that your wedding will not push through.

What we think: There’s a risk if you don’t do a final fitting at least two weeks before your wedding. What if you lost a lot of weight? What if a button is loose? What if the hem needs a bit more adjusting? Doing a final fitting will simply put you at ease. However, if you’d rather wear your final dress on the wedding day itself, that’s your call to make. Some brides might want that feeling of wearing their dress for the first time on the wedding day itself.

<strong>Hindi dapat magsuot ng pearls ang bride</strong>
It is believed that pearls represent tears and sadness. So, brides who wear pearls on their wedding day will have a sad married life.

What we think: Pearls are beautiful and they’re an excellent choice to complete your bridal look whether as earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. We’ve featured several brides who wore elegant pearls to their weddings and they looked fabulous! We’re not debunking beliefs here. But if you love pearls and want to buy yourself a gorgeous pair of pearl earrings to wear on your big day, then you should be free to do so!

If the best man or the groom drops a wedding ring it is believed that the marriage will not last, some even say that it’s a sign of a family member passing away soon.

What we think: We do feel that the best man, ring bearer, groom, and whoever else will be holding the rings should be extra careful. Not necessarily because of bad fortune, but primarily because those wedding rings are precious and most likely very expensive. You’d want to take great care of your investment!

<strong>Maswerte kapag umulan sa araw ng kasal</strong>
When it rains on the day of your wedding, that means you are being showered with blessings and good fortune.

What we think: We’re all for positivity on your wedding day! We know that many brides and grooms fear chances of rain, most especially for an outdoor wedding. Rain is a hassle, we’re all aware of that. But even if it does start pouring on your wedding day, try to shift your perspective to one of joy and gratitude. And trust that your suppliers will have a Plan B prepared.

Kailangan sabay tumatayo ang bride at groom
If the bride and groom do not stand up together during the wedding, it is believed that whoever stands up first will pass away before the other.

What we think: This is sort of a grim superstition. It’s cool if you manage to practice synchronizing standing up and sitting down. That’s truly amazing. But even if you don’t, we think there’s nothing to fear! Just enjoy your special day and avoid all the overthinking.

What other Filipino wedding superstitions do you know of? Share your thoughts about them in the comments!

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