This Couple Had Their Budget Engagement Shoot in Ikea!

Zee and Bev went around Ikea casually and unassumingly to shoot their engagement photos from one showroom to another. “It was the boldest thing we’ve done so far as a couple,” said Bev, “and we had so much fun!” The whole Ikea shoot was actually the idea of their dear friend. You see, Bev just came back from Saudi Arabia then and having an engagement shoot was not on her budget list. She was only given a month to plan for her wedding so she poured all of her effort, time, and budget to make the wedding happen before she flies to Ireland. But of course, her friends came to the rescue! They took care of makeup, posing instructions, and photography. All the couple had to do was to walk through Ikea, pause for a few minutes, and click! Instant engagement shoot on a budget! But more than the photos, Zee and Bev will never forget this fun experience. See how it turned out below!

Photographer: Japheth Lugtu, Karl SinocruzTin Sismundo

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