Answering the Guests’ FAQs: A Guide for Brides and Grooms

Over the course of wedding planning, you’re bound to receive a series of questions from your guests. They will most likely ask the same things — from the dress code to where the venue is — so it’s best to be prepared with your responses. If you have a wedding website, we recommend including a list of FAQ’s for your guests to read, so that everyone will be well-informed. To help you out in covering all your guests queries, we’ve listed a couple of the most common questions they will ask. Here’s a quick guide for you!

Answering the Guests' FAQs: A Guide for Brides and Grooms

What is the dress code?
This will be the most common question you will encounter. Although the attire will be mentioned on the invitation, there’s still a chance that your guests will ask for clarifications on what you really mean by “cocktail” or “semi-formal.” If you can provide your guests with specific samples or pegs online, that would be helpful. Color swatches are also great!

How do I get to the venue?
We recommend including a map on the invitation or providing the exact name of the location to pin on GPS apps. You can also give a guide on the best routes depending on where your guests are coming from. Do inform them of how much time it takes to get to the reception venue after the ceremony, if your wedding will be held in two different locations.

What time should I be at the venue?
Your guests will likely ask this question to estimate how early they should arrive, and how much travel time they should allot. Just to be sure, clarify with your venue about what time they will open doors for your guests, and if yours is the only wedding booked for the day. Once that’s done, we suggest asking guests to come at least 15 to 30 minutes before the ceremony starts so they can get settled in and relax before the celebration begins.

Are there available guest parking slots at the venue?
If your guests will bring their own cars, it’s important to inform them about parking space. Check with your venue if there will be a valet, dedicated slots for guests, or if they will have to find nearby parking spaces. To make things easier for your guests, provide them with the necessary parking information, including locations within the vicinity where they can leave their cars safely.

Until what time is the program?
Particularly for guests with young kids, they may want to know what time it will be appropriate for them to leave the party. Not all guests may have the luxury of partying with you all night, so it would be good to give them a clear timeline of the program.

Am I allowed to bring my kids?
Some couples may prefer to have an adult-only event, if this is the case, just be clear about it with your guests, and manage their expectations early on. You may say, “We decided not to include kids at our wedding due to safety restrictions/budget constraints.”

Can I bring a plus one?
Much like the question about bringing kids, the plus one is another common inquiry and sometimes it may be a sensitive topic. If you prefer to limit the guest list due to venue capacity or budget restrictions, make sure to let your guests know in advance that you will not be allowing plus ones. Another explanation you can give is: “We’d like to celebrate our special day with our nearest and dearest only, so we will not be accommodating requests for plus ones.”

Do you have a gift registry?
You can include gift registry information on your invitations or link it to your wedding website. If they ask you directly, you may say: “We’d love nothing more than your presence at our wedding, but should you wish to give a gift to help us start our married life, we do have a gift registry you can check.”

Will there be available accommodations for guests?
This information is key for out of town weddings and for guests coming from abroad. If possible, try to book rooms for your guests in the same hotel. That way everyone will be gathered in a common place, and you can all be together! Based on experience, coordination is easier when you assign one point person, like your bridesmaid or your MOH, to assist with guest reservations. This will make communicating between guests and the hotel much more convenient. If you have discounted rates to share with friends and relatives, do let them know.

Who else is on the guest list?
It’s possible that a couple of your friends from college or high school might wonder if they will have someone to talk to at your wedding. Just reassure your friends that there are people they know on the guest list. Another pretty good tip to take note of —  simply be mindful of your table arrangements, and group together people who can easily mingle with one another. You can also try introducing your friends to one another at the bridal shower!

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