Here are 9 Wedding Budget Hacks You’ll Find Useful!

Let’s be real. Weddings tend to cost a lot of money. And if you’re a budget-conscious couple, you’ll want to take advantage of all the possible ways you can lessen the expenses. Here’s the good news: It’s possible to stick to your budget! Many couples have achieved creating their dream weddings without breaking the bank or spending beyond their means. With a bit of resourcefulness, and some creativity, you can do it, too. Here are a few hacks to help you out!

Set Your Wedding Date During the Off-Peak Season December is quite a popular date for weddings, but prices for venues, accommodations, and things like decorations also tend to go higher because of the holidays. February, on the other hand, is Valentine’s, so expect the price tag on flower arrangements and bouquets to soar. If you’re open to it, try to set your wedding date outside of these months. If you are planning on having a December wedding, for example, check if you can book most of your suppliers in advance so you can avail of lower rates.

Read the Reviews Apart from enjoying deals and discounts, the best way to protect your hard-earned money is by booking suppliers that truly align with your wedding vision. Spend some time reading reviews from online wedding communities. You can trust that you’ll be seeing feedback from real brides! Ask your married friends about their favorite suppliers, and go to different bridal fairs to get to know the vendors themselves.

Curate Your Own Playlist Be your own DJ at your wedding by playing music from your personal playlist. Sometimes, we don’t have to look far for good music. Curate a wedding playlist on your phone, and have it streamed during your reception. If you have a coordinator, you can ask for their help in putting together popular wedding songs, but don’t forget to include your favorites in the mix.

Enlist the Help of Your Friends and Family If you have creative friends or family members who are business owners, ask for their help. Some of them may even be willing to lend their expertise as a gift. Whether it’s singing for your wedding march, baking the wedding cake, or designing the invitations. Surely, they will be happy to support you in your wedding journey as much as they can. Your wedding becomes even more meaningful knowing that people you love played an active part in it.

Save on Printing Digital invitations are the way to go! You can reserve the printed invitations for VIPs like your principal sponsors. The rest of your friends can receive theirs via email, messaging, or your wedding website (if you have one). Another option is to give one invitation per group instead of sending one for each guest. You’ll not only save on costs, but you’ll be helping out the environment in a little way, too.

DIY Escort Cards, Giveaways, Invitations, Signages, Etc. Find templates online that you can easily follow or purchase for an affordable price. We all know that professionally made items have an equivalent cost. So, if there are certain things that you feel are worth DIY-ing, go ahead! Making your own decorations and details by hand will personalize your wedding as well. Here’s a tip to make DIY work more memorable: Invite friends or relatives to come and help. Turn it into a day where you can hang out while accomplishing wedding-related tasks. Play a movie in the background or just have fun chatting as you work. You can also treat them to some takeout as thanks!

Buy Your Attire Online or Off-the-Rack If a custom wedding gown is not a non-negotiable, consider buying your attire online or something that is RTW. There are so many gorgeous options that are available off-the-rack, and even from stores on our trusty online shopping apps. We’ve featured brides who bought good quality wedding dresses online for only P3,000! All it takes is thoroughly browsing the reviews and having the patience to do your research.

Keep Decorations and Styling Simple and Classic Go easy on the glassware and tableware. You don’t always need a full fine dining setup. You can have a beautiful table scape with minimal items on display. Tall candelabras or vases aren’t the only kinds of decorations that make an impact either. Simpler centerpieces, like a few stems of flowers in glass bottles, can be just as pretty.

Don't Prioritize Gimmicks or Add-Ons Wedding experts would advise you to always prioritize the major expenses first. That could include the photographer, venue, caterer, and the like. We know the internet is full of ideas you want to take inspiration from, but sometimes those are things you don’t really need. After booking your main suppliers, you can then think about other details or gimmicks, if you have more wiggle room in your budget.

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