More Sleep, Less Fights: Practical Advice for Newlyweds

“Don’t sleep angry”
“Happy wife, happy life”
“Communication is key”

If you’re a newlywed couple, for sure you’ve heard at least one of these popular marriage advices during your wedding day. Cliche as they may sound, these statements are backed up by years of experience. But did you know that there’s a marriage advice that’s backed up by science? The advice is so simple but it’s so critical in improving any relationship, whether you’re a new or a seasoned couple!

“Sleep better.”

Yup, you read that right! Emma, The Sleep Company shares how this advice can help you become a better husband and a better wife. Read on.

Here’s How Getting Better Sleep Can Improve Your Marriage

(Header) Good sleep means better mood
I think you’ll agree when we say that sleep is one activity that we usually take for granted. We pull an all-nighter or set the alarm too early just so we can get more out of a day. If you’re about to get married, ticking off your wedding to-do list can keep you up all night. If you’re already married and managing a household, chores can pile up or Netflix dates with your partner can extend until the wee hours. Then you wonder why you’re feeling cranky in the morning? Once you hit the sack, your body realizes that it’s been craving for good sleep and for a good reason!

Though all of us have different body types that require different amounts of sleep, the truth is, we all need a restorative snooze that will flush out all the toxins that accumulate in our brain. With quality sleep, you’ll wake up feeling rested and energized that even your husband or wife can’t annoy you.

Emma Sleep Marriage Tip: Sleep Beside Each Other
Based on research, when you sleep beside your husband or wife, it heightens the release of Oxytocin–also known as the “cuddle chemical”–inducing feelings of empathy, trust, and relaxation. It can also reduce your anxiety, putting you in an overall good disposition.


(Header) Better mood means more patience
When you wake up after a good night’s rest, your body is well-regulated and you’ll feel like you can take on any challenge. This is because good sleep can clear your head from all the junk and it regulates your hormonal processes–creating enough headspace for your new thoughts to move around in. If you’re feeling cranky and you notice that small things start to irk you (like your husband’s breathing or chewing), try getting in some quality Zzzs because most probably, you’re just sleepy.

Emma Sleep's Marriage Tip: Decide on Important Things During Breakfast
Since your mind is at its clearest state in the morning, you and your partner can discuss important topics over breakfast. From thinking if it’s the right time to set up a new business to discussing if you’ll start trying to have a baby, the chances of you ending up in a heated argument with your husband or wife is lower.


(Header) More patience means less fights
Talking about issues calmly and with the right disposition can make all the difference in your relationship. You’ll feel that your concerns are heard and your feelings are validated. Instead of being reactive and defensive–which often leads to a major misunderstanding–talk about important matters with a full tank of patience from a good sleep experience.

Emma Sleep's Marriage Tip: Sleep on It
Contrary to the famous advice, we believe that there’s a benefit in bringing your difficult emotion to bed. You see, REM sleep is generally important for emotional reactivity and emotional memory processing. What looks big and scary now can look very small when you wake up in the morning.


(Header) Less fights mean happier marriage!
Conflict is inevitable in a marriage. But if sleep can lower down the chances of it happening, won’t you run to your bed immediately and bury yourself under the pillows? Instead of spending hours arguing and fighting, you can choose to do cuddling and loving! With good quality sleep, you become the best version of yourself–best husband or best wife–getting the most out of the best version of your marriage!

Emma Sleep's Marriage Tip: Buy an Emma Mattress for A Great Sleep Experience
Make falling asleep more enjoyable and pleasurable with a good mattress to support you. All of us have different ways of lying down and have different body types. This means that there are different pressure points that need to be supported. When your mattress doesn’t support these areas, your sleep quality suffers. And, you can potentially feel some physical pain.

Sleep experts designed the Emma Original with 7 unique zones that sink differently. It’s a mattress that takes care of you from head to toe, creating the ultimate pressure-relieving sleep.

(Title) #AwakenYourBest with Emma Mattress!  -7 unique zones that sink differently -Motion isolation for light sleeping partners -Cloud-like comfort -Gives optimal support -Washable cover -Breathable foam stops you from overheating -Europe’s most-awarded and best-selling mattress

"I usually move a lot when I sleep and wake up in the middle of the night, and the noise and movements disturb my wife’s sleep. But with Emma, when I move, there is no noise, and the mattress does not move. So, it doesn’t disturb my wife’s sleep anymore. I also like it because it is much cooler and more comfortable than my former mattress."
"The best mattress I've ever slept on. Me & Hubby agreed that it’s worth every penny."
The Emma Original mattress promises a great night’s sleep so you can have a great day ahead. With a 100-day money-back guarantee, you get to try the mattress in the comfort of your own home! Everything can be conveniently done online with free shipping and hassle-free refunds if you end up feeling it’s not the right mattress for you. Visit their website to orders and use BRIDE10 upon checkout to get an additional 10% off! Good night and sweet dreams!

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