8 Romantic Phrases to Say to Your Partner to Keep the Love Alive

They say actions speak louder than words, but verbally expressing how much you care can be just as meaningful. Sometimes, all we need is to hear a “Thank you,” an “I love you,” or a compliment to make our day, especially tough ones, instantly brighter. Words, when spoken sincerely, can inspire, encourage, and also help you remind your partner how much you appreciate them especially when you’re getting lost in all the stress of wedding planning or, maybe, figuring out how to adjust to life as newlyweds. Whether it’s a handwritten note or telling them directly, words can be equally comforting as an embrace. Here are some romantic phrases you can say to your partner!

(Layout) Thank you for ______.
Let’s start with the simplest, the most basic, and yet so important. When you’ve been together for a long time it might be easy to take the little gestures for granted unintentionally. But a ‘Thank you’ is very much appreciated even if it’s for something as simple as handing you a glass of water or doing the chores. Say a heartfelt ‘Thank you’ everyday to show how much you value one another’s daily efforts.

(Layout) I'm always here for you
Supporting one another may already be a given, but reassuring words are still good to hear. When your partner is having a bad day at work or is going through a troubling situation, you can remind them that you’re here to help and they don’t have to go through the difficult moments alone.

(Layout) You look amazing!
A compliment can make anyone smile right away, and praising your partner for, let’s say, their new haircut or an outfit will also boost their confidence. Nowadays, it’s easy to feel insecure because of what we see on social media, so telling your partner how beautiful/handsome/gorgeous they are will always be appreciated. Remind your partner how amazing they are both inside and out!

(Layout) I choose you everyday and every moment
Here’s a phrase you might even want to include in your vows if you are a soon-to-wed couple. Wouldn’t it be lovely to bring out romantic phrases like this once in a while? Even if there’s no occasion, tell your partner how much, and why, you love them unconditionally.

(Layout) There's no one else I'd want to grow old with than you
Growing old together, and seeing how much you change over the years is a special adventure you share with one another. This is a great reminder of how much you’re looking forward to spending the rest of your lives together.

(Layout) You are my home
Knowing that you are someone’s source of comfort and protection can make your heart swell with love and pride. Remind one another how much you enjoy each other’s company and just simply being together.

(Layout) Let's make our dreams come true
Looking forward to the future and supporting one another’s goals also shows how much you love one another. You’re partners for life, and that means you’re also each other’s number one cheerleaders. Whether it’s buying a house or pursuing a career, let your partner know you’re in this journey together.

(Layout) You will always be my answered prayer
There was a time when the one you are with now used to be someone you were praying for. It might make your partner feel even more special knowing that you hoped, prayed, and waited patiently for the day you’ll meet and be with each other.

What are some other romantic words of affirmation do you share with one another? Share them with us in the comments!

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