Gift Giving Etiquette in the Time of Virtual Weddings

Wedding etiquette has been quite confusing to navigate these days with the emergence of virtual weddings or events through video conferences. Should we still dress up? Should we keep our cameras on? The list of questions looks endless and probably at the top of all these is: Should I still give a gift for a virtual wedding?

While wedding gifts are not obligatory, even before quarantine times, these certainly represent a thoughtful gesture of supporting the couple as they start their new life together. But what if the wedding is postponed? Or what if you’re no longer invited to attend the ceremony in-person? Here, we’re breaking down and answering some questions you may have about gift giving in the time of virtual weddings. Read on to know more. We hope this helps you out!

Gift Giving Etiquette in the Time of Virtual Weddings

(Layout) If the couple invites me to attend the wedding virtually, should I still give a gift?
The answer is yes. We recommend sending a gift to show your support for the couple even if you won’t be at the event in-person. You’re still equally a valued guest and the couple just wants to prioritize your safety. Gifts, however, do not have to break the bank. Simply spend within your means. If the couple has a gift registry, find something on their list that you are comfortable buying. If not, you can always browse for useful items such as linens, dinnerware, or anything that will help fill their new home. Some couples indicate that they would prefer monetary gifts, which is convenient because all you’ll have to do is an online bank transfer. But if you are not keen on giving cash, then a simple and practical gift would do just fine.


(Layout) If the couple decides to have an intimate wedding now, then a grander event at a later time, should I give gifts for both occasions?

We recommend buying two gifts, one for each event, if your budget allows. Sending a gift for the first event is encouraged because this is most likely closer to the original wedding date and it’s already a celebration of the couple’s union. Depending on how much you typically spend for wedding gifts, you can consider giving a pricier item for the first wedding, then a less expensive one for the second event.

A good tip to keep in mind is to base the price point of your gift on how close you are to the couple. If you are a member of the entourage and the bride or groom is your best friend, for example, you might want to put more thought into the gift to make it special and to suit their personalities.


(Layout) If I was invited to the couple's intimate wedding, but I decided not to attend for health and safety reasons, should I still send a gift?

Yes, it’s a good idea to give a gift as a way to celebrate the couple’s marriage even though you are not attending in-person. There’s nothing wrong with declining an invitation especially during these times. The couple certainly understands. Your presence is irreplaceable, but a gift will at least remind the bride and groom that they have your love and support.


(Layout) If the couple decides to have an elopement or a smaller wedding, and I wasn't invited anymore, should I still give a gift?

We do encourage giving a gift especially if you were part of the original guest list. The couple intended to have you as part of their wedding day, and trust us when we say that it pains them to keep changing their plans and who to invite. As much as they would love to have you with them on the day, the only thing the bride and groom wants more is to keep you safe. Having a much smaller wedding may be the best option they have as of the moment. A simple gift to let them know that you’re celebrating their marriage in spirit will surely put smiles on their faces.


(Layout) If the couple cancelled their wedding and has not announced a new date yet, should I still send a gift on their original date?

In this scenario, a gift might not be necessary. However, if you do have some extra budget, it would be nice to cheer up the couple by sending them a gift in time for their original wedding date or close to that. It doesn’t need to be part of their registry or anything grand. You can send their favorite food or a bottle of wine just to honor their original date in a simple yet caring way. The bride and groom are most likely going through plans A to Z, so they will surely appreciate a token of love from you. It might help ease their stress, too!

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