10 Things You’re Most Likely to Forget to Plan for Your Wedding Day!

Wedding planning is no easy task. Well, don’t get me wrong – organizing your dream wedding is very exciting, but at the same time, can get overwhelming. There are a gazillion‭ ‬things‭ ‬to‭ prepare‭ ‬from‭ ‬scratch,‭ not‭ ‬‬to‭ ‬‬mention‭ the‭ ‬budgeting‭ ‬and researching!‭ So,‭ if‭ you‭ ‬‬are‭ ‬a‭ full-time‭ ‬professional‭ and/or ‬managing‭ ‬a‭ ‬household, ensuring the details are not overlooked can get a bit tough! So today, we are gracing you with a list of the things our former brides actually forgot when planning their wedding. We hope this list could serve as a friendly reminder for you, soon-to-be bride! Now, keep scrolling and get on to the details!

10 Things You're Most Likely to Forget to Plan for Your Wedding Day!

(Layout) ‬1. Emergency kit 

On the day, you won’t be walking with your go-to daily bag. So, ensure you have a standby emergency pack that has every little thing you may need. So what should you have in the bag? Well, first aid kit, sewing kit, touch-up kit, and anything else you deem necessary. Have these ready, so you don’t have to be in and out of the grocery on the day! You can hand this over to your coordinator, so they can keep it handy. 

“We forgot to bring a sewing kit and first aid kit. So, safety pins, paracetamol, etc – bumili kami on the day!” – Bride Laura


(Layout) ‬2. RSVP tracking strategy 

Plenty of couples forget to arrange RSVP tracking. Thus, the tendency sometimes is they handle it by themselves. While it is doable, we suggest that you still ask for help with this detail. There are many things to plan, and handling your RSVP will make it harder for you to focus on the main details. Ask one of your trusted bridesmaids or family members to manage the RSVP for you. 

RSVP! Naalala ko lang to nung nagpapagawa na kami invitations. I was time-pressured so we just put our numbers in.” – Bride Joyce


(Layout) 3. A point person for gifts and on-the-day financials 

Another thing that couples forget is assigning an on-the-day point person for the gifts and to settle payments. Imagine carrying gifts or being called in the middle of your wedding program to clear final payments for every supplier. A bit of a nightmare, isn’t it? Plus, you want to make sure wedding presents, especially monetary ones, make it to your home safely. Appoint a parent or a reliable sibling to handle all finances on the day for your wedding vendors. They can also be the point person assigned by your coordinator for any issues and concerns. 

We forgot about our gifts! Naghahanapan pa kami kung sino pwede maguwi!” – Bride Anna


(Layout) 4.‭ ‬Plan B for the bad weather 

Well, we know the weather can get very unpredictable. It can rain even if the forecast says it won’t. So, if you are having an outdoor wedding make sure to be ready to face this possibility. If you have a wedding coordinator, you can work with them on strategizing this. 

We planned for an outdoor ceremony, but it rained. Buti nalang our venue had an available hall! So, our coordinator negotiated on the day and moved it there! Buti nalang available talaga!” – Bride Kim


(Layout) 5.‭ ‬Vendor meals 

Food for the suppliers can be easily missed by marrying couples, especially if there isn’t a wedding coordinator to guide you. Almost all of your vendors require meals; it is written in your agreement. Communicate with your suppliers – what time they will start working, the number of manpower, and the meals they will need for the entire event. Then, coordinate with your caterer or look for a supplier for meals. 

Kulang yung meals ko for our florist/stylist team. I forgot to allocate the meals for them during the set-up sa venue, which was the day before. Nag-order nalang ako ng fast food and had it delivered!” – Bride Trish


(Layout) 6.‭ ‬Comfy shoes for the reception

Let this serve as a reminder for you to pack comfortable dancing shoes for the reception! Perhaps, flats, sneakers, or cute sandals. Then, make sure you tell a bridesmaid or a family member, so they can easily locate it for you when you need it! 

Nakalimutan ko yung second shoes!!! Ang sakit sa paa to wear heels the whole time!” – Bride Fiona


(Layout) 7.‭ ‬Eat 

They say, sleep when the baby sleeps. Well, we say, eat when your guests are eating! We know your tummy will most likely feel the wedding jitters, which can make you feel full. But that does not mean you should not eat! Get a good breakfast before you face the day. Then for the night, tell your caterer to plate you a good portion of all the food and dessert! You will definitely get to enjoy your day more with a full tummy!

“We forgot…. to eat! Haha!” – Bride Nikka 


(Layout) 8.‭ ‬Dietary requirements of your guests

Are any of your guests vegetarian or have any food allergies you need to take note of? You must take this into consideration during your planning. Best to include this part in your invitation under RSVP for streamlined communication. Once compiled, give the list of guests with special requests to your caterer with a note of their table/seat numbers. 

I heard there was one guest who didn’t enjoy the food that much. So, after the wedding, I asked for her feedback so I can relay it to the caterer! Yun pala she was vegetarian and there was not much option for her to eat.” – Bride Kate


(Layout) 9.‭ ‬Transport for the bridal party and family members 

Your entourage can get busy, too, on the day. From photoshoots in the hotel to getting ahead with their duties in the church and reception, their punctuality is a must for every part of your wedding. Thus, it is best to provide transportation to your bridal party on the day so you can have the peace of mind that they will be there on time. You can hire a van or a bus for your bridal party and/or family, especially if you have a destination wedding. 

My family left a little bit later than us from the hotel kasi yung van isa lang and may dinaanan pa before sila masundo, so ang ending late sila sa church. Nauna pa ako! I should’ve organized a separate transport nalang pala sa kanila. Ending, late kami nagstart kasi we had to wait for my family to get to the church!” – Bride Julia 


(Layout) 10.‭ ‬Post-reception arrangements for the newlyweds! 

Don’t forget to arrange your post-wedding logistics! Yup – hotel, transport, food, etc. How are you going to go home after? Does your hotel cover you for your wedding night? Secure these details ahead of time, so you’re not left calling a taxi and organizing last-minute bookings after the reception! And oh, don’t forget to plan a romantic and relaxing getaway for your honeymoon! 

I actually forgot to organize transport for us to our hotel! We were brought by a bridal car pero nakalimutan ko yung pauwi!” – Bride Christine

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