These Are the Things You Will Be Needing for a Mixed Religion Wedding!

If you’re Catholic and planning to wed your partner who is from a different Christian faith (or vice versa), you might be wondering, can you get married in a Catholic church? The answer is yes! The requirements vary depending on the religion of the Non-Catholic party, but we prepared a general guide to help you start your planning. Note that the process and specific documents needed are different for marriages between Catholics and non-Christians (Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, etc.), so it’s best to consult your Parish Office for the latest guidelines for these types of marriages. However, if you’re looking at a wedding between a Catholic and a non-Catholic Christian, you can go ahead and take note of these requirements to guide you through your planning. It may be a little more work, but surely your union will be worth it!

These Are the Things You Will Be Needing for a Mixed Religion Wedding!

Certificate of Freedom to Marry from the Non-Catholic Pastor

You can start by securing a certificate of freedom to marry from the Non-Catholic minister or pastor. This clearance will certify that the Non-Catholic party is qualified to get married and free of any legal impediments to do so. An Affidavit of Free Status to Marry can cover this requirement, as long as the affidavit is executed before a Catholic priest by a person who has known you and your partner personally for at least 5 years.


Permission for the Celebration of Mixed Marriage Issued by the Archdiocesan Chancery Office

This clearance is issued by the Archdiocesan Chancery Office. You can expect an interview, filling up an official form, and a discussion on the Catholic party’s responsibilities to the Catholic church after marriage. Couples who fall under the Archdiocese of Manila can secure their clearance from the Archdiocesan Chancery Office at the Archbishop’s Office, 121 Arzobispo St., Intramuros, Manila.


Marriage License Requirements

It’s time to think CENOMAR and Family Planning Seminars! You can apply for a Marriage License in the Local Civil Registry of the city or municipality where either of you reside and comply with the specific requirements of your chosen civil registrar. If you are already civilly married and planing a church wedding for round two, then there’s no need to apply for a Marriage License again—your Marriage Certificate will suffice.


Basic Requirements of the Church

In addition to all the requirements above, you will also need to prepare the basic requirements for a Catholic Church wedding. This includes new Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates, your Marriage License, and a few religious practices as required by your chosen church. You will surely be furnished a copy of these requirements by the Parish Office, who will also help you stay on track while completing them.


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